With an authorized strength of 19 full-time sworn officers, 3 reserve sworn officers, and 7 full-time and 1 part-time civilian employees provide protection and service for the over 16,000 citizens of Prosper. The department participates in various programs such as: the vacation house watches, Operation ID, Citizens on Patrol, home security checks, Kid Print ID, Safe Driver Recognition Program, Cops with a Claus and a variety of other crime prevention programs and community based initiatives.

The Department is currently divided into the following sections:

The Administrative Section is under the direction of the Chief of Police and Asst. Chief of Police provides the support which enables the Department to function administratively. The areas of responsibility for this section are Budget, Purchasing, Personnel, Training, Crime Prevention and Community Services.

The Patrol Section is under the operational direction of the Assistant Chief of Police. The Uniformed Patrol Section is the most visible of Department's organizational sections. Officers assigned to this section respond to a variety of  calls for service. There are 13 commissioned officers assigned, which are directly supervised by 3 Patrol Sergeants.

The Investigation Section is under the operational direction of the Chief of Police. This section is composed of 1 full time Detective. This section conducts all types of criminal investigations, as well as various types of internal/administrative investigations.

The Communications Section is under the operational direction of the Chief of Police This Section employs 7 full time and 1 part-time civilian who perform the duties as Communications Officers. This Section receives all calls for service for the Police, Fire, 911 and other emergency services. This section is directly supervised by the Communications Supervisor, who also serves as the primary records clerk for the police department.

Chief of Police

Assistant Chief of Police