About Prosper

Prosper Community Vision

Prosper is a community committed to excellence.  It is a high-quality, family-oriented community maintaining a visually aesthetic open feel with job-producing, economically sustainable commercial development directed to the Town’s major transportation corridors, all while maintaining strong fiscal responsibility, and meeting the infrastructure needs of the Town.

Prosper Strategic Vision 2036

Prosper 2036 has a small town relationship/feeling that is a family-friendly community.

Prosper 2036 is a beautiful and safe community.

Prosper 2036 is a high-value residential community with a quaint and cool downtown and a dynamic tollway corridor.

Prosper 2036 has leisure experiences for all.

Our Mission

The Town of Prosper is financially responsible while providing exceptional municipal services.  We engage and connect our community and invest in sustainable Town facilities and infrastructure.  We provide compassionate customer service.

2022 State of the Community Presentation

2021 State of the Community Presentation