Hotspot Checkout

Residents may now visit the Community Library and check out a portable hotspot for up to two weeks.  Residents who are working from their home offices, and students participating in online instruction can benefit from checking out these devices to ensure they have reliable internet service, or if their service is interrupted.  Internet access has become a critical part of our daily lives, and we want to ensure residents have reliable internet service.  The WiFi hotspot lending program provides the devices to library patrons who are in good standing. Homes need not have internet access in order to use the hotspots, as the hotspots are self-contained. However, residents must use their own laptops or other wireless enabled devices to use the hotspots. The hotspots’ ability to bridge computers, pads, and other devices to the internet without home access can serve as a temporary solution to outages or other emergencies.

Hotspots can be checked out for two weeks using a Prosper Community Library membership card. Patrons must be 18 years of age to obtain one, and the hotspots are limited to one per household. The two-week lending period cannot be extended, and they may be checked out only once per month. Patrons are fully responsible for the device and its appropriate use.

Contact the Prosper Community Library for information on how to check out a hotspot.

Office Number:
(972) 569-1185

For more information, including instructional videos, quick tips, and frequently asked questions about the Town’s broadband service improvements, please visit: