Developing in Prosper

Prosper’s Permitting & Licensing Will Be Online Starting 12/12/2022 – Submit Plans, Make Payments, and Manage Your Permitting & Licensing Projects Online 24/7!

Town staff is ready to assist you through the development process. From small infill projects to large mixed use projects, we are here to help! Please contact Planning to set up pre-application meetings to discuss your project.

Customer Feedback Survey Report

The Matrix Consulting Group conducted a customer survey for the Department of Development and Infrastructure Services.  The purpose of the survey was to get feedback from customers about their experience with the Town’s development and permitting process.  This survey was produced as a follow-up to the 2014 and 2017 surveys conducted by Zucker Systems to help the Department gauge its performance against the previous survey results and determine areas and opportunities for improvement.

Customer Survey Report