Forms & Guidelines


Certificate of Occupancy Application

Certificate of Occupancy Process

Commercial Building Permit Application

Commercial Inspection Guidelines

Commercial Plan Review Submittal Requirements

Finish-Out / Remodel Plan Review Submittal Requirements

Stocking / Training Application

Stocking / Training Process


Green Built Texas Protocol Version 3

Residential Building Permit Application

Residential Contractor Guidelines

Residential Green Built Checklist

Residential Plan Submittal Checklist

**NEW** Plan Review Submittal Process New Home Permits

**NEW**Residential Electronic Plan Submittal Checklist

**NEW**Residential Electronic Plan Submittal Guidelines


Permit to Operate Commercial Pool (Health) Application

Commercial Pool Plan Review Submittal Requirements

Commercial Pool & Spa Post-Construction Certification

Commercial Pool & Spa Pre-Construction Certification

Pool and Spa Permit Application

Residential Pool and Spa Guidelines

Residential Pool Protection Device Certification Form


** New** Plan Review Submittal Process Miscellaneous Permits

Accessory Structure Permit Application

Accessory Structure Requirements

Addendum/Re-Stamp Form

Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Report

Backflow Prevention Information Sheet

Backflow Tester Registration Form

Change of Contractor Form

Contractor Registration Form

Early Model Home Policy

Fence, Screening Wall, and Retaining Wall Permit Application

Garage Sale

Wood Fence Checklist

Homeowner’s Affidavit- Electrical

Homeowner’s Affidavit- General

Homeowner’s Affidavit- Mechanical

Homeowner’s Affidavit- Plumbing

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, or Irrigation Building Permit Application

Re-Roof Requirements

Sign Permit Application

Special Event Permit Application

Termite Protection Form

Work Order Request Form to Set Water Meter

Water Wells

Water Well Drilling Permit Application