Planned Developments

Zoning Districts within the Town of Prosper include various Planned Development (PD) Districts. PD Districts are a district that accommodates planned associations of uses developed as integral land use units such as offices, commercial or service centers, shopping centers, residential developments of multiple or mixed housing (including attached single-family dwellings), or any appropriate combination of uses that may be planned, developed, or operated as integral land use units either by a single owner or a combination of owners. A PD District may be used to permit new or innovative concepts in land utilization not permitted by other zoning districts in this Ordinance. While greater flexibility is given to allow special conditions or restrictions that would not otherwise allow the development to occur, procedures are established herein to insure against misuse of increased flexibility.

PD-1 Gentle Creek

PD-2 Willow Ridge and Non Residential

PD-2 Hunter Equities Amendment

PD-2 Willow Ridge Amendment (Lovers Lane Screening)

PD-3 Blue Star

PD-4 Cedar Ridge

PD-5 Whispering Farms

PD-6 Lakes of La Cima

PD-7 Prosper Town Center

PD-7 Prosper Town Center Amendment

PD-8 Lakes of Prosper

PD-8 Lakes of Prosper North Amendment

PD-9 Whitley Place

PD-10 Camp Property

PD-11 Chapel Hill

PD-12 Village at Prosper Trail

PD-14 Legacy Pointe

PD-14 Concept Plan (The Parks at Legacy)

PD-15 SEC Preston & Frontier

PD-16 Steeplechase

PD-17 Prosper State Bank

PD-17 Prosper State Bank Amendment

PD-18 Greenspoint

PD-19 Lattimore North

PD-20 Lattimore South

PD-21 Winikates North

PD-22 Shaddock

PD-23 Legacy Lakes

PD-24 Wildwood (Ariana) Estates

PD-24 Wildwood (Ariana) Estates Screening Amendment

PD-26 Southeast corner of Prosper Trail and Cook Lane

PD-27 TSAI Tract

PD-29 Whispering Meadows

PD-30 Crestview at Prosper

PD-30 Crestview at Prosper Screening Amendment

PD-31 Saddle Creek

PD-31 Saddle Creek Roof Pitch Amendment

PD-31 Saddle Creek (KHOV section) Front Yard Setback Amendment

PD-32 Christie Farms

PD-33 Prestonwood

PD-33 Prestonwood Landscape Amendment

PD-35 NE Dallas Pkwy and Prosper Trail

PD-36 Legacy Crossing

PD-37 Hawk Ridge Addition

PD-37 Hawk Ridge Dwelling Area Amendment

PD-38 Prosper Crossing

PD-40 Windsong Ranch (Amended March 2021)

PD-40 Windsong Ranch Amenity Center Materials Amendment

PD-40 Windsong Ranch Marketplace Amendment (Amended September 2021)

PD-40 Windsong Ranch Townhome Amendment

PD-40 Windsong Ranch – Home Depot Amendment

PD-40 Windsong Ranch Crystal Lagoon

PD-41 Prosper West Mixed Use Town Center

PD-41 Prosper West Amendment (Amended Ordinance 17-86)

PD-41 Prosper West Amendment (Updated April 2020)

PD-42 Godwin

PD-43 Prosper Partners

PD-43 Amendment Ford Dealership

PD-44 Creekside (SEC of Frontier and Legacy)

PD-45 103 E. Fifth Street

PD-46 Preston 48 Addition, Block A, Lot 5R

PD-47 Prosper 110

PD-48 Gray 163

PD-49 Whitley Place West

PD-50 Whitley Place Tolleson

PD-51 NEC of FM 1385 and Fishtrap Road

PD-52 PLM Addition

PD-53 The Preserve at Doe Creek

PD-54 Warren Avant-Garde Addition, Block A, Lot 2

PD-55 Preston 48 Addition, Block A, Lot 6R

PD-56 Boueri Addition, Block A, Lot 1 (787 N. Preston Rd.)

PD-57 Northwest Corner of Prosper Trail and Custer Road

PD-57 Lighthouse Church Amendment

PD-58 Southeast Corner of Hays Road and Highpoint Drive

PD-59 Twin Creek Estates

PD-60 Legacy Crossing Connection

PD-61 North Preston Road Office Center (1000 N. Preston Road)

PD-62 Stone Creek Commercial

PD-63 Legacy Creek Estates

PD-64 Zoller Property (4855 N. Custer Rd.)

PD-65 Prosper Center (Amended September 2020)

PD-65 Prosper Center – Senior Living Amendment

PD-66 – Villages of Star Trail

PD-66 Villages of Star Trail (Amended May 2019)

PD-67 Gates of Prosper (Amended April 2021)

PD-68 Shops at Prosper Trail

PD-69 Metten Tract (Amended 2021)

PD-70 The Falls of Prosper

PD-71 Windridge

PD-72 Prosper Montessori Academy

PD-73 Prosper Plaza – Lowes

PD-74 Legacy Addition

PD-75 NWC Dallas Pkwy & Prosper Trail (Amended March 2019)

PD-76 Prosper Plaza – Kroger

PD-77 Parkside

PD-78 SWC Main & Broadway

PD-79 Childrens Lighthouse Child Care Center

PD-80 Prosper Town Hall – Library Building

PD-81 SWC Third Street & Field Street

PD-82 Rogers Middle School

PD-83 PISD Sports Complex

PD-84 Silo Park (Amended June 2020)

PD-85 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram

PD-86 Brookhollow Centre

PD-87 Lakewood

PD-88 Harlan Properties

PD-89 Grace Academy

PD-90 Brookhollow North

PD-91 Cook Children’s Medical Center (Updated April 2020)

PD-92 El Dorado Motors

PD-93 Windmill Hill (Updated January 2020)

PD-93 Windmill Hill – Drive Through (Amended August 2022)

PD-94 WestSide

PD-94 WestSide (Amended June 2022)

PD-95 Public Safety Facility

PD-96 Goodwill

PD-97 Prosper Ford

PD-98 Alders Senior Living Development

PD-99 Toyota Penske (Amended February 2020)

PD-100 Trinity Group Assisted Living

PD-101 Holiday Inn Express

PD-102 603 Broadway Street

PD-103 Windsong Ranch Planned Development-O

PD-104 Greens at Legacy

PD-105 North Dallas Cemetery

PD-106 Downtown Multifamily

PD-107 Brookhollow Ladera

PD-108 Downtown Lofts

PD-109 Town Lake Village

PD-110 Legacy Storage

PD-111 Brookhollow West

PD-112 Sorensen Prosper (104 E. Seventh Street)

PD-113 CHC Fishtrap

PD-116 Victory at Frontier South

PD-117 Premier Garages

PD-118 Winikates North