Prosper EDC

Meeting your business needs

The Prosper Economic Development Corporation (PEDC) is a Texas 4A sales tax corporation funded by a half-cent of the Town’s allocation of sales tax. PEDC revenues are invested into projects on behalf of the Town of Prosper.

Contact us at:
Prosper EDC
130 N. Preston Road, Suite 130
Prosper, TX 75078

We encourage additional private investment that will…

  • Increase and diversify the tax base,
  • Create jobs,
  • Lower residential taxes,
  • Increase retail and commercial development
  • Promote relocation of corporate and regional headquarters to the Town and improve Prosper residents’ quality of life.

4A eligible projects include land, buildings, equipment, facilities, improvements, and expenditures related to:

  • Light manufacturing, research and development, recycling, small warehouse and corporate headquarters facilities and distribution centers
  • Job training for primary jobs and commercial/retail, infrastructure assistance for commercial/retail projects
  • Business-related sewer utilities and site improvements
  • Business airport facilities and port-related facilities
  • General airport facilities