Champion Tree Contest

2022 Champion Tree Contest Submission Form

The 2022 Champion Tree Contest runs from September 15 - October 15. The largest Chinquapin Oak tree entry will be announced at the Prosper Arbor Day Celebration on November 5, 2022. The winner will be notified in advance.
First Name and Last Name
How to measure: From the base of the tree, up to 4-6 feet, take a circumference measurement. Circumference / 3.14 = diameter
Max. file size: 128 MB.
Max. file size: 128 MB.

New Downtown Prosper Parking Designations

PROSPER (January 21, 2022) The Town of Prosper, in partnership with the Prosper Economic Development Corporation, is pleased to share new downtown parking designations offering easier access to public parking in downtown Prosper for everyone! These new parking assignments will allow for both visitors and businesses to enjoy easier access to all the great places to dine, shop, work and play in Prosper’s historic downtown. These new parking designations are located north of Town Hall and along Broadway and Main. Visitors can easily view the downtown public parking map to find all public parking locations in and around the area. Whether you’re visiting Town Hall to take care of business, shopping at your favorite retail locations or grabbing a bite to eat, visitors can park in any of the public parking locations for free. Discover all the attractions of the historic downtown Prosper by visiting

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