DNT Guidelines FAQs

Are you interested in hearing more about the design guidelines for the DNT but are not quite sure what this is all about?  Below, are a few questions and answers to help navigate the topic.

Why is the Town creating design guidelines for the Tollway? 

The Dallas North Tollway is one of the most heavily traveled roadways in North Texas.  The North Texas Tollway Authority has plans to extend the Tollway through the Town of Prosper.  Construction is anticipated on being complete by 2027.   It is recognized that the Dallas North Tollway will serve as a significant opportunity for economic development and a sustainable tax base for the Town.  To prepare for this opportunity, the Town thought it would be prudent to create a vision for the Tollway and to have a document that would help to guide future plans for development.

What are design guidelines?

The design guidelines are a series of statements that pertain to various land use and development topics, such as business establishments, site design, architecture, public spaces, signage -and so much more.  These statements are woven into one document to create a framework.  This framework projects the vision for the Tollway and elevates the community’s expectation for how and where development should occur.

How will this document be used?

This document is a tool to guide development plans and land use decisions when an applicant submits a request to the town to change the zoning district on a property.    Sometimes, when an applicant has a plan for development of a property, they may request a zone change in order to be placed in a zoning district that may be more of a better fit for the development they have in mind.  For example, one zoning district may accommodate certain land uses where another may not.  When a zone change request is submitted, the Town measures that request against the Town’s plans to make sure the change will still be in the best interest of the community.  On the Tollway, zone changes may more frequently come about when there is a change of zone to a Planned Development, or when there is a request to amend an aspect of an existing Planned Development.

So, what’s a Planned Development?

A Planned Development is a type of zoning district that can accommodate associated land uses in an integrated, cohesive development.  It’s a type of zoning district that may be used to permit new or innovative concepts in land use that are not otherwise permitted through the existing zoning district.  For example, a Planned Development (PD) can be used to create a mixed-use development or shopping center.  Greater flexibility in development can be provided through a PD.  While greater flexibility can be given, there are procedures in the Town’s Zoning Ordinance that provides requirements for establishing new Planned Developments or for amending existing ones.  One of these requirements is that an applicant has to submit a concept development plan to establish a PD.  The design guidelines will help the applicant understand what the community’s expectations are for land use and design when developing the concept plan.  The guidelines will also help to guide Town decision-making when reviewing Planned Development requests and associated concept plans.

Why should it matter to me?

The Tollway will be one of the most significant roadways in the Town.  This roadway will provide an incredible opportunity for the Town to shape how development occurs on the Tollway.  Your input can help shape the vision.  This is an opportunity to be informed about the project, ask questions, and provide your thoughts on the Tollway’s future as it relates to the guidelines.

For questions about the design guidelines, please contact David Soto at dsoto@prospertx.gov or 972-569-1095