Downtown Improvements

A revitalized Downtown honors our past, and prepares us for the future.

The Downtown improvement strategy has been part of the community conversation for many years.  The Town of Prosper is committed to developing a vibrant and welcoming hometown atmosphere in Downtown that provides safe and efficient public roads, drainage, and other infrastructure, creates an appealing destination for residents and visitors, and drives economic development for new and existing businesses and neighborhoods.  The Town has taken steps over the past several years, based on resident input, to ensure that Downtown remains a vital part of our community’s character.

Improvements to Infrastructure – the Town has invested over $30 million over the past five years to maintain the high quality of our Downtown roadways and utility infrastructure.  The Town has replaced asphalt with concrete roadways on several Downtown streets, and improved drainage and underground utility infrastructure.  Future improvements valued at over $7 million will include expanded sidewalks, improved road alignments, more on-street parking, and new landscaping.  The Prosper Historical Society was consulted on the selection of new decorative street lighting.  Details on Town infrastructure projects are available on the Engineering Department page on the Town website by clicking on Construction Updates.

Creating a Destination – Downtown is a place for residents and visitors to work, shop, and gather, while preserving our Town’s heritage, and ensuring high-quality development standards.  The new Town Hall and Library facility, which opened in July of 2018, was intentionally located in Downtown, with a traditional design to complement the existing Downtown buildings.

On May 24, 2019, the Town celebrated a major milestone in the completion of many downtown improvements by holding a party in downtown Prosper.  Prosper Downtown Live! attracted approximately 2000 visitors to downtown to hear live music in and around the grounds of Town Hall.

To build upon the momentum created by several investments in the Old Town area, the Town engaged a consultant team in 2016 to provide an assessment of opportunities, work with area stakeholders in establishing a vision, and provide recommendations for implementing that vision. The process focused on an assessment of physical opportunities, market potential, and stakeholder desires. The final draft of the Old Town Area Assessment was presented to the Town Council on April 25, 2017.  The next phase of the project is underway and includes additional meetings with Downtown property owners and stakeholders, and the development of Downtown architectural standards based on stakeholder input.  A final report is expected to be presented to the Town Council in April 2019.

Economic Development Opportunities – Downtown Prosper is an asset that is worthy of investment.  Enhancements to Downtown support existing businesses by creating an attractive destination, and set the stage to attract new businesses and developers.  To encourage revitalization efforts, the Town established a Neighborhood Empowerment Zone that provides financial incentives for commercial development and redevelopment in the Downtown area.  In the past five years, 48 Certificates of Occupancy have been issued in the Downtown area, with 10 new commercial structures and 37 new single family homes.