7th Annual Prosper Spring Clean Up

March 24, 2018 : S. Craig Street just east of Rucker Elementary School // 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

The 7th Annual Prosper Spring Clean Up will take place at S. Craig Street just east of Rucker Elementary School. On March 24, 2018, from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Prosper Residents will be offered several different services. A current water bill and driver license as proof of Prosper residency will be required to enter the event.

Cornerstone Assistance Network of North Central Texas will be accepting donations and Prosper Lions Club will be accepting donated eyeglasses.

Services provided at the 7th Annual Prosper Spring Clean Up:

Shredding Services – Onsite shredding will be available for document destruction. Please remove binders, clips and rubber bands from documents.

E-Wast Recycling – Computers, electronic equipment, servers, monitors, printers, phone systems, components and cables will be recycled.

Bulk Trash Items – Extra trash, household appliances, furniture, mattresses and other large or bulky household items will be accepted for disposal. ***Tires, commercial and construction waste will not be accepted. ***

Tree and Yard Waste Composting – Yard waste, non-treated scrap lumber and tree branches will be sent to a composting facility.

Cardboard and Metal Recycling – All collected cardboard and metal will be recycled.

Reminder: HHW Vouchers are available for Prosper residents at Town Hall located at 121 W. Broadway during officers hours and will not be available at the event. Voucher for disposal of HHW items is to be used at the Frisco Hazardous Waste Facility. Each resident may use one voucher per year.

Do you have items you would like e-cycled? Bring them to our Spring Clean-Up!
-Hard Drives
-I-Pods and I-Pads
-Video & Sound Cards
-Server Cabinets

Network & Communications:
-Routers, Switches
-Load Balancers
-External Storage Devices
-Battery Backups

-Security Equipment

Wires & Cables:
-Power Cords
-AC Adapters
-USB Cables
-Parallel Cables
-Phone Cables
-Cat & BNC Cables
-Extension Cords
-Surge Protectors
-Excess Cables & Wires

Office & Misc. Items:
-Printer, Fax, Copiers
-Speakers, Microphones
-Keyboards, Mice
-Optical Disks
-Floppy Disks
-Cassette Tapes
-Manuals, Files
-Light Ballast
-Fans & AC Units

Consumer Items:
-Cell phones, PDAs
-Game Consoles
-Learning Consoles
-Radio (car accepted)
-Tape Decks
-B Track
-CB Radios
-CD Players & Boom Boxes
-Game boys
-Walkie Talkies
-Chargers, Adapters

Industrial & Appliances:
-Metal Sinks
-Light trusses
-Light Ballasts (no PCB’s)
-Washers, Dryers
-Refrigerators, Freezers
-Compactors, Crushers
-Food Warmers
-Breaker Boxes
-Soda & Candy Machines
-Conveyor Belts

-Video Players
-Mixing Boards
-Effects Units
-Reel to Reel

Batteries & Back-ups:
-Power Conditioners
-Forklift and Pallet Jacks
-Laptop Batteries
-Cell Phone Batteries
-Li-ion Ni-NM, Sealed
-Lead Acid

Point of Sale (POS)
Cash Drawers
Receipt Printers

* We do not accepts items containing Freon if the Freon has not yet been recovered.