Champion Tree Contest

September 26, 2021

Each year, Parks and Recreation brings attention to community forestry with the Champion Tree Contest! The 2021 contest is on with the search for the largest Cottonwood tree in Prosper! Send in a photo today! Contest runs through October 18.


Example of Cottonwood Tree

Residents are encouraged to locate a large Cottonwood on their property or in a Prosper park and submit an entry into the contest. Let’s have some fun learning about trees!

The Cottonwood is a towering Texas native, typically growing to more than 100 feet tall and nearly as wide. Revered for its shade, the tree is often planted in parks. In the wild, the Cottonwood can be found in bodies of water and along rivers and ponds. It also thrives in floodplains and dry riverbeds, where infrequent rains can transform dry land into waterways.

Entrants should be prepared to upload a photo of the tree, pinpoint its exact location, and provide the measurement of the tree’s diameter. The winning entry and participant will be recognized at the Prosper Arbor Day Celebration and announced on social media. The winning Cottonwood will be distinguished by an engraved plaque located near its base.

If you have questions, please call 972-569-1160. Happy tree hunting!