Prosper Arbor Day Celebration

November 6, 2021

The Prosper Arbor Day Celebration will take place on Saturday, November 6, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Prosper Town Hall, 250 W. First Street. Participants are asked to gather on the north side of the parking lot.

The fun morning will include tree plantings with assistance from Prosper Scouts:   Girl Scout Troop 8415, Girls Scout Troop 1325, and Boy Scout Troop 365. Parks and Recreation staff will provide instruction and guidance on proper tree planting techniques to the group.

The annual Prosper Arbor Day Celebration brings focus to Prosper’s dedication to community forestry.  The Town recognizes that trees enhance the quality of life in Prosper and staff is dedicated to the proper care and management of  these precious resources.

If you have questions, please contact Parks and Recreation at (972) 569-1160.