Prosper Fire Rescue Truck 1 Push-in Ceremony

February 29, 2020 : Prosper Central Fire Station (1500 E. 1st Street) // 11 a.m.

We are excited to invite the public to join Prosper Fire Rescue as we honor the newest addition to our fleet, Truck 1, during a traditional fire service wetdown and push-in ceremony.
The celebration of a new piece of fire apparatus has been a source of pride in the fire service since the 1800’s. The public is welcome to assist in the wetdown before firefighters push the truck into Station 1. The wetdown is a tradition stemming from when rival fire companies attempting to “wash” the new apparatus before the firefighters who would soon operate it.
Truck 1 is a 100-foot mid-mount platform tower manufactured by Pierce Manufacturing. It has a 2,000 gallon-per-minute fire pump and a 300-gallon onboard water tank with a 20-gallon foam tank. This is Prosper’s first aerial ladder truck. Its crew will perform specialized duties such as ventilation, forcible entry, aerial master streams, and elevated rescue. In addition to fires, Truck-1 will also respond to major accidents with extrication and when accidents occur on major thoroughfares for advanced blocking as well as all commercial fire alarms.
We look forward to celebrating with our community on February 29 at 11 a.m.