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Bryan Ausenbaugh
Fire Marshal
David Rhoden
Fire Investigator/Inspector
The Prosper Fire Department and Fire Marshal’s Office created this library for the sole purpose of providing information to our citizens, business owners, contractors & insurance industry with a single goal.… to provide the safest community for our citizens.
Prosper Fire Department Ordinance/Amendments3rd Party Plan Review ISO Information
PFD Ordinance-Amendments 18-953rd Party Plan Review DirectiveISO Information
Fire Marshal's Schedule of FeesISO-Letter 6-1-17
Fire Alarm SystemsSprinkler SystemsGeneral Businesses Annual Inspection Guide
3rd Party Plan Review - Fire Alarm Systems3rd Party Plan Review - Sprinkler Suppression SystemsIntroduction to Fire & Life Safety Inspections
Fire Alarm Design Submittal DocumentInspection Costs & ProceduresApartment Annual Inspection Checklist
Inspection Costs & ProceduresInspection Request FormAssembly Annual Inspection Checklist
Inspection Request FormHydrant Flow Test - MandateAssisted Living Annual Inspection Checklist
Top Reasons Fire Alarm Systems Fail InspectionProcedures for Testing & Flowing Fire HydrantsDay Care Annual Inspection Checklist
SF-035 Fire Alarm System Certification FormTop Reasons Sprinkler Systems Fail InspectionFoster Family Annual Inspection Checklist
Statement of Compliance Letter - ExampleSF-041 Contractor's Installation CertificateGeneral Structure Annual Inspection Checklist
Fire Alarm Pre-Test GuideStatement Compliance Letter - ExampleMulti-Tenant Annual Inspection Checklist
Fire Alarm Contractor's Guide to SuccessNFPA Guide - Wet Pipe System InstallationsTop Reasons Fire & Life Safety Inspections Fail
NFPA Guide - Fire Alarm System InstallationsNFPA Guide - Dry Pipe System Installations
NFPA-NEC Guide to Wire & Box InstallationSprinkler Contractor's Guide to Success
Guidelines for Supervising Station MethodsOriginal Sprinkler Installation Tags
Guidelines for Duct Detector Testing
Access ControlUnderground Fire Service SystemsAlternative Suppression Systems
3rd Party Plan Review - Access Control3rd Party Plan Review - Underground3rd Party Plan Review - Alternative Suppression Systems
Inspection Costs & ProceduresInspection Costs & ProceduresInspection Costs & Procedures
Inspection Request FormInspection Request FormInspection Request Form
Building Access Control Submittal guidelinesSF-042 Contractor's Installation CertificationSF-205 Contractor Installation Certificate
Gate Access Control Submittal GuidelinesStatement of Compliance Letter - ExampleStatement of Compliance Letter - Example
Statement of Compliance Letter ExampleNFPA Guide for Underground Fire Service InstallationsTop Reasons Hood Suppression Systems Fail Inspections
SFMO FAQ for Underground Installations - August 2016NFPA Guide - Kitchen Hood System Installations
PermitsHydrant Flow TestsGeneral Information
LP Stationary Tank Permit ApplicationHydrant Flow Test - Mandate911 Addressing Guide
Temporary Structure Permit ApplicationProcedures for Testing & Flowing Fire HydrantsThe ABC's of Fire Extinguishers
Flammable Liquid Storage Permit ApplicationHydrant Site Map Location ExampleSmoke Alarm Tips & Disposal
Portable Propane Container Retail ApplicationFlow Test Information Example
General Contractor InformationFireworks DisplaysKnox Box Information
Contractor Introduction LetterProsper Fireworks OrdinanceKnox Box Requirements
Inspection Costs & ProceduresFireworks Permit ChecklistKnox StortzGuard Information Guide
G. C. Inspection Request FormFireworks Guideline Submittal Requirements
Requirements for Certificate to Stock & TrainFireworks Display & Hazardous Transportation Permit Application
Prosper Signage Requirements
Release for Vertical Construction
General Contractor Final Fire & Life Safety checklist
Top Reasons Fire & Life Safety Inspections Fail
Outdoor BurningFire Pit SafetyMobile Food Vendors
Outdoor Burn Permit FormFire Pit Safety GuidelinesInspection Costs & Procedures
Inspection Request Form
Mobile Food Vendor Inspection Checklist
Canopy-Tent Food Vendor Checklist
Mobile Food Vendor Checklist
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