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Bryan Ausenbaugh
Fire Marshal
David Rhoden
Fire Investigator/Inspector
Buddy Harwell
Fire Investigator/Inspector
The Prosper Fire Department and Fire Marshal’s Office created this library for the sole purpose of providing information to our citizens, business owners, contractors & insurance industry with a single goal.… to provide the safest community for our citizens.
Prosper Fire Department Ordinance/Amendments3rd Party Plan Review ISO Information
PFD Ordinance-Amendments 18-953rd Party Plan Review DirectiveISO-Info
Fire Marshal's Schedule of Fees2019 ISO Notification Letter
Fire Alarm SystemsSprinkler SystemsGeneral Businesses Annual Inspection Guide
3rd Party Plan Review - Fire Alarm Systems3rd Party Plan Review - Sprinkler Suppression SystemsIntroduction to Fire & Life Safety Inspections
Fire Alarm Design Submittal DocumentInspection Fees & ProceduresApartment Annual Inspection Checklist
Inspection Fees & ProceduresInspection Request FormAssembly Annual Inspection Checklist
Inspection Request FormHydrant Flow Test - MandateAssisted Living Annual Inspection Checklist
Top Reasons Fire Alarm Systems Fail InspectionProcedures for Testing & Flowing Fire HydrantsDay Care Annual Inspection Checklist
SF-035 Fire Alarm System Certification FormTop Reasons Sprinkler Systems Fail InspectionFoster Family Annual Inspection Checklist
Statement of Compliance Letter - ExampleSF-041 Contractor's Installation CertificateGeneral Structure Annual Inspection Checklist
Fire Alarm Pre-Test GuideStatement Compliance Letter - ExampleMulti-Tenant Annual Inspection Checklist
Fire Alarm Contractor's Guide to SuccessNFPA Guide - Wet Pipe System InstallationsTop Reasons Fire & Life Safety Inspections Fail
NFPA Guide - Fire Alarm System InstallationsNFPA Guide - Dry Pipe System Installations
NFPA-NEC Guide to Wire & Box InstallationSprinkler Contractor's Guide to Success
Guidelines for Supervising Station MethodsOriginal Sprinkler Installation Tags
Guidelines for Duct Detector TestingResidential Sprinkler System Inspection Protocol
Sprinkler Suppression System Documents Cabinet
Access ControlUnderground Fire Service SystemsAlternative Suppression Systems
3rd Party Plan Review Directive3rd Party Plan Review - Underground3rd Party Plan Review - Alternate Suppression Systems
Inspection Fees & ProceduresInspection Fees & ProceduresHood Suppression Design Requirements
Inspection Request FormInspection Request FormInspection Fees & Procedures
Building Access Control Submittal guidelinesSF-042 Contractor's Installation CertificationInspection Request Form
Gate Access Control Submittal GuidelinesStatement of Compliance Letter - ExampleSF-205 Contractor Installation Certificate
Statement of Compliance Letter ExampleNFPA Guide for Underground Fire Service InstallationsStatement of Compliance Letter - Example
SFMO FAQ for Underground Installations - August 2016Top Reasons Hood Suppression Systems Fail Inspections
NFPA Guide - Kitchen Hood System Installations
PermitsHydrant Flow TestsGeneral Information
LP Stationary Tank Permit ApplicationHydrant Flow Test - Mandate911 Addressing Guide
Temporary Structure Permit ApplicationProcedures for Testing & Flowing Fire HydrantsThe ABCs of Fire-Extinguishers
Flammable Liquid Storage Tank Permit ApplicationHydrant Site Map Location ExampleSmoke Alarm Tips & Disposal
Propane Portable Container Retail ApplicationFlow Test Information Example
General Contractor InformationFireworks DisplaysKnox Box Information
Contractor Introduction LetterProsper Fireworks OrdinanceKnox Box Requirements
Inspection Fees & ProceduresFireworks Permit ChecklistKnox StortzGuard Information Guide
G. C. Inspection Request FormFireworks Guidelines Submittal Requirements
Requirements for Certificate to Stock & TrainFireworks Display & Hazardous Transportation Permit Application
Prosper Signage Requirements
Release for Vertical Construction
General Contractor Final Fire & Life Safety
Top Reasons Fire & Life Safety Inspections Fail
Outdoor BurningFire Pit SafetyMobile Food Vendors
Outdoor Burn PermitFire Pit Safety GuidelinesInspection Fees & Procedures
Inspection Request Form
Hot Food Unit Inspection Checklist
Canopy-Tent Food Vendor Guide
Mobile Food Vendor Guide
Top Reasons Hot Food Units Fail Inspections
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