Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee was appointed as an ad-hoc committee by the Town Council on December 8, 2020.

Scope and Purpose

Established for the purpose of providing residents an opportunity to enhance the Town’s interaction with the public. The Community Engagement Subcommittee shall:

  • Act in an advisory capacity to the Town Council regarding Community Engagement activities
  • Identify topics of interest and methods or techniques to improve community engagement
  • Evaluate, provide feedback, and make recommendations on selected Town programs, events, and activities
  • Serve as a focus group for selected pilot projects or programs that may require or benefit from public input before implementation
  • Serve as social media ambassadors for the Town by engaging with the Town’s social media platforms
  • Inform the Subcommittee of community events that may be of interest to the Town Council (multicultural celebrations, large neighborhood events, nonprofit events, etc.)

The current subcommittee consists of three Councilmembers (Marcus Ray, Amy Bartley, Jeff Hodges) and ten Council-appointed residents. Staff support includes the Executive Director of Community Services and/or a designee.

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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting DateMinutes
October 6, 2021Minutes, October 6
September 1, 2021Minutes, September 1
August 4, 2021Minutes, August 4
July 21, 2021Minutes, July 21
July 7, 2021Minutes, July 7
June 2, 2021Minutes, June 2
May 5, 2021Minutes, May 5
April 7, 2021Minutes, April 7
March 24, 2021Minutes, March 24
March, 3, 2021Minutes, March 3