Legislative Affairs

The Prosper Town Council established the Town’s first Legislative Agenda in November 2020.  With the 87th Texas legislative session taking place in the spring of 2021, the Town Council recognized the opportunity to define for our legislative delegation the topics and initiatives that are most important to the Town.

The Town of Prosper 2021 Legislative Agenda includes issues that have been previously identified by the Town Council as top priorities for the Town, as well as recommendations from Town staff.  The Legislative Agenda is comprised of three sections.

  • The Legislative Philosophy explains the overall purpose and guiding principles of the document.
  • The Legislative Initiative section describes specific legislation the Town intends to pursue removal of the $1.5 million cap on the use of competitive sealed proposals for horizontal projects.
  • The Legislative Priorities section establishes the Town’s position on key legislative issues.

The Legislative Agenda is to be used as a communication tool with the Town’s legislative delegation and others to clearly explain the Town’s position on critical issues.  It is intended to provide guidance to the Town’s legislators on how they can best represent Town of Prosper residents and stakeholders in the upcoming legislative session. .  The Town Council and staff are working to stay engaged in the legislative process, and to advocate for the best interests of Prosper residents.

To view the Town of Prosper 2021 Legislative Agenda, click here.

To learn more about the Texas legislature, visit capitol.texas.gov