Unclaimed Property

According to state law, the Town of Prosper is required to maintain records for unclaimed properties with a value of $100 or less.  Proof of ownership may be submitted to the Finance Department by completing the Unclaimed Property Form.  Unclaimed Property as of 6/20/2022:

Check DateVendor NameAmount
03/20/2012A-1 Grass$85.10
09/26/2014Anthony Allen Small$6.00
01/10/2014Anthony Ventura$14.00
07/17/2015Beth Ann Drutar$6.00
11/08/2013Bryan Vaughan$100.00
10/19/2012Collin County Clerk$68.00
06/08/2012Copple, Chris$79.92
07/13/2018Edward Daniels Jr.$50.00
05/02/2014Floyd, Kandice$39.00
12/16/2016Hillbilly Kettlekorn$50.00
03/02/2018Jeff Canfield$68.30
10/24/2014Jeff Richer$6.00
03/21/2014Kasey Lee Monroe$14.51
12/15/2011Keller Williams Realty$25.00
04/11/2014Mara Vaughan$100.00
07/17/2015Mariann E. Cousins$6.00
07/17/2015Michael G. Littlefield$6.00
08/22/2014Prosper Eagles Aquatic Klub$100.00
12/31/2015Stephanie Rene Williamson$0.92
01/18/2012Tarrant County College$100.00
07/18/2014The Kem Group LLC$100.00
06/21/2013Widge L. Stamback$1.65