Ace Portal

Navigating ACE Portal and Setting Alerts

Step 1:

First log on to and select “Sign up now.”

Your email address and cell phone number must be up to date with the records on file with Utility Billing. Please contact Utility Billing via email or call (972) 569-1180 if you have any questions or need to update any information.


Step 2:

Enter your email address and select “Send verification code.”

Step 3:

You will receive your verification email, which will remain active for 5 minutes.

Step 4:

Enter the verification code, password, account number, zip code and name as it appears on your bill.

Step 5:

After you complete the initial setup, you are ready to navigate the dashboard and setup alerts.

Step 6:

To receive email and text alerts, select “Sign Up” in the notifications area.

Step 7:

Toggle to receive leak and usage notifications via email and/or text message and click save.

Step 8:

Select “Water Profile” and enter basic information about your home and click save.


Step 9:

Select “Water” and enter information about your washing machine, pool, showers, faucets and toilets. Click save.

Step 10:

Select the “Usage” tab to view your daily usage with different scenarios.

Please note that current usage is updated several times a day.

Step 11:

Select the “Ways to Save” tab to show ways to save on overall water consumption.

Step 12:

Select the “Settings” tab to make updates to notifications and and to answer water profile questions.

Paying your bill with the Ace Portal:

The “Top Actions” side bar in the Ace Portal gives access to pay thorough the Town’s online payment portal, update profile information, view daily usage and view savings options.

After selecting, “Pay My Bill,” users will see the below online payment portal login.