Sprinkler Evaluation Program

Sprinkler systems have a tendency to develop inefficiencies over time, so it’s very important to test your system periodically to ensure everything is working properly and efficiently. The purpose of this program is to educate our water customers, so they gain the knowledge to utilize water efficiently.

In efforts to provide important educational components to our residents, the Town of Prosper offers free sprinkler evaluations. This program helps to save water and money for our residents.

During our evaluation, we will provide:
• information about each zone including broken heads, nozzle adjustments needed, pressure issues, and leaks;
• assurance that your rain and freeze sensor is connected and working properly;
• information on the sprinkler types installed and how to make them more efficient;
• information on a suggested modified E.T. based watering program;
• training on how to set your irrigation controller; and
• a link to search for a licensed irrigator to help with repairs.

Sprinkler Evaluation Registration

If you are interested in receiving a free sprinkler evaluation, please fill out the form below!