Landscaping in Prosper

Below is a list of plants that have proven to be hearty and do well in the Town of Prosper.  One should spend time understanding the individual needs of the plant being selected as well as its ultimate size.  This will help you select a plant that will do well over the years.  Keep in mind that even though these plants have proven themselves in Prosper over the years, uncharacteristic weather, be that excess cold, heat, rain or drought could cause these plants to do poorly in the future.

Tolerant Plants for Prosper Landscape

*Ornamental Pear does not include Bradford Pears.
Large Trees (Shade)Small Trees (Ornamental)ShrubsGroundcoverOrnamental Grass
Afghan PineBirds of ParadiseAmerican BeautyberryAsiatic JasmineAutumn Blush Muhly
American ElmBuckeye, MexicanArgaritaAvens, WhiteBig Bluestem
Arizona CypressBuckeye, RedAromatic SumacFrog FruitBlack Fountain Grass
Bigelow OakBuckeye, TexasBridal Wreath SpireaGround IvyBlue Grama
Bur OakCarolina BuckthornBurford HollyHardy PlumbagoBroomsedge
Caddo MapleCrepe Myrtle (tree form)Chinese PhotiniaHorseherbBushy Bluestem
Cedar ElmDesert WillowCleyeraLiriope or Lily TurfCanada Wildrye
Chinquapin OakEastern Red CedarCompact NandinaMondo or Monkey GrassDwarf Maiden Grass
Durrand OakEve's NecklaceCoral BerryPigeonberryDwarf Pampas Grass
Lacebark ElmHawthorneCrimson Pygmy BarberryPurpleleaf EuonymusEastern Gamma Grass
Lacy OakHollywood JuniperDwarf Burford HollySantolinaFeather Reed Grass
Live OakJapanese Black PineDwarf Burning BushSnake HerbHamelin's Fountain Grass
PecanJuniper, Blue PointDwarf Chinese HollyWood VioletIndiangrass
Shumard OakJuniper, Wichita BlueDwarf Crepe MyrtleInland Sea-Oats
Southern Live OakMesquiteDwarf Glossy AbeliaLindheimer's Muhly
Southern MagnoliaMexican PlumDwarf PomegranateLittle Bluestem
Texas AshOrnamental Pear*Dwarf SpireaMaiden Grass
Texas Red OakPomegranateDwarf Wax MyrtleMorning Light Maiden
Western SoapberryPossumhaw HollyDwarf Yaupon HollyRavenna Grass
RedbudElaeagnusSideoats Grama
Roughleafed DogwoodFlowering QuinceSilver Bluestem
Texas PersimmonForsythiaStandard Fountain Grass
VitexFoster HollySwitchgrass
Wax MyrtleGlossy AbeliaVariegated Japanese Silver Grass
Winter/Bush HoneysuckleHarbor Dwarf NandinaZebra Grass
Yaupon HollyHypericum
Indian Hawthorn
Italian Jasmine
Leatherleaf Mahonia
Miniature Crepe Myrtle
Nellie R. Stevens Holly
Oakleaf Hydrangea
Purpleleaf Japanese
Red Yucca
Rose of Sharon (Althea)
Semi-Dwarf Crepe Myrtle
Smooth Sumac
Standard Nandina
Texas Sage


Intolerant Plants for Prosper Landscape

Trees that should be avoided due to short life span, disease or other known problems are listed below.

Intolerant Plants for Prosper Landscape

Silver Leave MapleAcer Saccharinum
Hackberry, Texas SugarberryCeltis laevigata
Honey LocustGleditsia triacanthos
Bois d' ArcMaclura pomifera
MimosaMimosa sp.
MulberryMorus rubra
White PoplarPoplus alba
CottonwoodPopulus deltoides
MesquiteProsopis glandulosa
WillowWillow sp.