Staff seeks input on communication effectiveness

November 16, 2020

Responses to the Town of Prosper communication survey will be used to gauge the effectiveness of the current processes that the Town uses to share information and, if necessary, implement any changes or improvements to those processes.

The survey, available at, takes less than five minutes to complete and is designed to provide the Town’s communication staff with a sense of how residents prefer to receive news and information.

A postcard with the URL and QR code pointing to the online survey was mailed to each Prosper address this month in the hope that residents would share their thoughts and sentiments on this critically important topic, says Robyn Battle, Executive Director of Community Services for the Town. Battle oversees the public information function for Prosper and is chair of the communications committee, a cross-departmental employee group.

“One of our Town’s most important guiding principles is maintaining an open and honest communication connection with residents,” she said. “Good, effective, and constant communication is one of the foundational pillars of our organization’s obligations to the Town’s residents.”

Measuring how effective those communication efforts are, and how they might be strengthened, is the motivation behind the survey. Taking the pulse of how the Town is progressing toward its communication goals is critical to ensuring success in that area.

“There’s no substitute for hearing directly from the people we’re trying to reach in order to determine whether or not we are meeting our objectives,” she said. “Just as importantly, we want to be sure we are using the same communication tools, instruments, and means that our audiences are using. Being on the right platforms, using the right techniques, and being timely with our communications ensures we are connecting.”

The survey will be gathering information between now and Dec. 15, after which the results will be tabulated and analyzed. A full report, with appropriate recommendations, will be shared internally with employees and externally with residents.

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