Concrete batch plants along DNT to relocate

December 29, 2020

As the Dallas North Tollway continues its stretch northward through Prosper, Town officials are reimagining the accompanying commercial and retail landscape on either side of the impending regional highway corridor, envisioning high-end office parks, medical office buildings, as well as upscale dining and entertainment venues.

“The expanse of real estate on both sides of the Dallas North Tollway from US 380 northward will help define Prosper as a community that welcomes the kind of commercial activity that municipalities long for,” says John Webb, Prosper’s Director of Development Services. “The current occupants of that area, however, are not compatible with the Council’s vision nor with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.”

The current occupants are four concrete batch plants. Called batch plants because these locations store and maintain large amounts of the ingredients contained in concrete and batch them together in sizable mixing structures onsite. The concrete is then transported by truck to local construction sites.

Two of the four batching plants have already entered into voluntary agreements with the Town to cease operations and relocate out of the area by Oct. 1, 2024. Argos-Southern Star Concrete Batch Plant and the Lattimore Concrete Batch Plant have signed agreements and are in the process of finding suitable relocations.

The other two, NBR Concrete and Redi-Mix Concrete, are currently in negotiations for agreements that will likewise cease their operations at around the same time.

“We realize that a concrete batch plant needs sufficient time to relocate,” said Webb. “These companies have to acquire the appropriate amount of land, deal with local rules and regulations, and obtain the necessary environmental permits. These agreements provide the plants a generous amount of time to make the necessary arrangements for a successful transition to a new location.”

In addition to the Comprehensive Plan’s commercial outlook for the area, the expected expansion of Children’s Heath Medical Campus on US 380 and the DNT adds additional incentive for the land to be cleared of non-compatible industrial establishments like the batch plants.

Not surprisingly, the Prosper Economic Development Corporation is playing a major role in the commercial expansion of the area in question, says Prosper EDC Executive Director Mary Ann Moon.

“Developing and realizing a comprehensive plan for the Tollway frontage is critical to our long term sustainability and growth,” says Moon. “We are appreciative of the fact that the plants have acknowledged this need and are working with the Town to determine closure dates acceptable to all.”

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