Adopt-a-Street has three segments open for sponsorship

December 15, 2015

The Town’s Public Works Department now has three opportunities for local organizations, businesses, families or individuals to demonstrate their commitment to keeping Prosper clean, says Frank Jaromin, P.E., Public Works Director.

“We have three streets that are available for adoption,” he said. “Anyone wanting to make a difference in Prosper has the opportunity to do so by adopting a street and maintaining its cleanliness.”

Adopting a street requires an application to be submitted for approval along with the name of an individual or representative of an organization who will take responsibility for the commitment. The individual or organization will then be assigned a stretch of road, usually about a mile in length, to clean up by picking up trash and debris.

“People can have a positive and visible impact on the environment and help reduce the costs associated with cleaning the streets,” he added. “Picking up litter costs taxpayers in terms of direct labor expenses as well as the indirect costs associated with taking crews away from their primary duties.”

Groups or individuals who sign up for the program will be expected to commit for one year, and conduct their cleanups at least once a quarter. A sign designating the stretch of road as adopted by an organization or individual will be erected, following the first successful cleanup.

“All of the volunteers must sign an agreement that says they understand the rules of the program. And while we welcome the participation of young people, anyone under 18 must obtain the signature of their parent or guardian,” said Jaromin.

Groups and individuals who commit to the program must also pledge to actively participate annually in one of the various Clean & Green or Serve Prosper events held throughout the year.

“The Town will supply the trash bags and high-visibility vests to volunteers, and will give a brief safety orientation prior to each cleanup,” he said.

Individuals and groups interested in participating or who are seeking more information about this program should contact Jaromin at or call 972-347-9969.



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