Charter Review Commission sets 10 amendments on ballot

February 17, 2017


In addition to the two Council seats up for election during the May 6 General Election, the Town Council has placed the ten recommended amendments presented by the Charter Review Commission (CRC) on the ballot of a concurrent Special Election.

In the General Election, Council Places 3 and 5 are up for voter balloting.  Mayor Pro Tem Curry Vogelsang, Jr. is the incumbent in Place 3 and Mike Davis currently occupies Place 5.

The ten recommended amendments to the Town Charter are the result of a thorough review of the entire Charter by the CRC, appointed by the Council last June.  This periodic review, mandated every ten years, is in the Charter itself, ensuring that the document remains relevant, applicable and appropriate.

The CRC, made up of Councilmember Kenneth Dugger, Chair; Councilmember Mike Korbuly; Bill Beavers; Cameron Reeves; Charles Cotten; JD Sanders; Robert Griffis; Roger Thedford; Teague Griffin; and Tom Aiken, held five meetings last summer, reviewing the Charter in its entirety.  The commission consulted with members of the Council, the staff and the Town attorney in developing their recommendations.

Once their review was complete, the proposed amendments were presented to the Council for their review and disposition.  The Council accepted the recommendations as presented last September and agreed to send them to Prosper voters for final approval.

A complete list of the recommended amendments is available online at by clicking on the Town Secretary’s page.

Briefly, the amendments cover various updates to the Charter, removing obsolete sections, correcting grammatical errors, updating sections that are now covered under state law, and removing unnecessary obstacles to efficiency.

The CRC has proposed to eliminate the provision that sets term limits on the Mayor and Council members, and to remove the section that establishes the Board of Adjustment.  Also among the recommendations is a change in the method for filling a vacancy on Council, revised to conform to state law.  In addition, the State Constitution supersedes the Charter provision that would prevent an individual in arrears to the Town from running for Council.

Other minor changes, such as when the budget is approved and clarifying the recording of an abstention versus a negative vote are also included.

Early Voting begins on Monday, April 24 and ends on Tuesday, May 2.  The deadline to register to vote on May 6 is April 6.

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