Coit Road Improvements

August 21, 2018

Facts about the Coit Road Improvements

The Town is currently in the design phase for several roadway improvement projects, with the ultimate goal of making them “shovel ready.”   Shovel ready is a term describing projects that are fully designed, awaiting only the commencement of construction.  These shovel ready projects carry a high potential for grant funding opportunities.  The roadway improvement projects under design include:

  • Prosper Trail (Coit Rd. to Custer Rd.): 4-lane divided
  • First Street (Dallas North Tollway to Coleman St.):  4-lane divided
  • Victory Way (Coleman St. to Frontier Parkway):  2 lanes of 4-lane divided
  • Dallas North Tollway/First Intersection Widening
  • Teel/Fishtrap Intersection Widening, and
  • Coit Road (First Street to Frontier Parkway):  4 lanes of 6-lane divided

Coit Road Improvement Background

Since 2003, the Town’s Comprehensive Plan has shown Coit Road as a 120’ ROW.  In 2005, the Town adopted Thoroughfare Standards depicting 120’ ROW as an ultimate 6-lane divided roadway, and in 2006, the Town’s Thoroughfare Plan was updated to reflect Coit Road as a 6-lane divided roadway.

In the 2012 Town Comprehensive Plan, Coit Road was specifically included in a sensitivity analysis to assess the viability of constructing Coit Road as a 4-lane roadway that may ultimately need to be built to 6-lanes.  While this analysis showed that 4-lanes of Coit Road were adequate for projected traffic demands to 2035, more recent analysis by the North Central Texas Council of Governments, puts the expansion to 6-lanes closer to 2045.

The Town instituted this phased approach to widening Coit Road from US 380 to First Street when it requested 50% matching funds as part of the 2007 Collin County Bond Election.  In 2008, the Town designed that section of Coit Road and construction was completed in 2014.  Now the Town is continuing this phased approach for Coit Road from First Street to Frontier Parkway.  In January 2017, the Town Council approved a contract for design of 4-lanes of Coit Road from First Street to Frontier Parkway to include underground drainage, decorative median landscaping, deceleration lanes, and meandering sidewalks that emulates the existing section of Coit Road from US 380 to First Street.

To assist with the growing traffic demands along Coit Road and Prosper Trail, the Town Council awarded a construction contract this summer to widen Prosper Trail from Preston Road to Coit Road to 4-lane divided, including the expansion of the intersection of Coit Road and Prosper Trail.  This project will begin this month and take approximately 12 months to complete.

With the anticipated construction timeline for the widening of Coit Road from First Street to Frontier Parkway at about 5 years, the improvements to Prosper Trail and the intersection of Coit Road and Prosper Trail will provide significant relief to current traffic congestion at this intersection.

Questions and Answers regarding the Coit Road Improvements

In our continuing efforts to provide accurate information on the future expansion of Coit Road from First Street to Frontier Parkway, the Town offers the following questions and answers.

Q:  Will Coit Road from First Street to Frontier Parkway be six lanes or four lanes?

A:  The current design plan calls for Coit Road to be expanded to a four-lane, concrete thoroughfare with a landscaped median.  It may become a six-lane roadway when the need arises, currently not anticipated until around 2045.

Q:  Is the Coit Road expansion part of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan?

A:  The project is in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan and the Thoroughfare Plan.  It was included in the two plans when they were developed.

Q:  Will this stretch ever become six lanes?

A:  There is a long-range plan that includes expansion of the roadway from four lanes to six lanes.  The six-lane plan appears in the North Texas Council of Governments Regional Mobility Plan, the Town of Prosper Thoroughfare Plan and the Collin County Thoroughfare Plan.  The road’s expansion to six lanes will likely not occur before 2045.  In addition, the Celina Thoroughfare Plan includes similar improvements to Coit Road.

Q:  Is there enough room in the right-of-way to accommodate the expansion to four or six lanes?

A:  Yes.  The right-of-way of 120 feet is consistent through the majority of the project.  In the one area where the right-of-way is less than 120 feet, the road can still be constructed without encroachment by narrowing the median’s width.

Q:  Will the road expand into private or HOA property?

A:  No.  The parkway, the grassy area parallel to the road on which the sidewalk rests, is consistently the standard 12 feet wide, more than adequate for pedestrian and non-motorized traffic.

Q:  Will a sidewalk be constructed in the parkway? 

A:  Yes.  The project will include the Town’s standard 6-foot-wide meandering sidewalk or 8-foot-wide trail in the parkway in accordance with the Town’s Master Plan.

Q:  Will the trees behind the homes be removed? 

A:  The housing developments along Coit Road include additional private HOA property behind the homes containing the required landscaping and trees.  The improvements to Coit Road will not have any impact on these areas, the landscaping or the trees already in place.  There are, however, locations within the limits of the project, not inside HOA property, where some trees are within the existing 120-foot ROW.  These will, of course, be removed.

Q:  Will the Town be installing new trees? 

A:  Yes.  The Town will be installing enhancement landscaping and trees within the median of the roadway in much the same manner as along Coit Road from US 380 to First Street.  The Town is also evaluating locations in the parkway where additional landscaping and/or trees may be planted adjacent to residential properties.

Q:  When will construction begin?

A:  There is no set schedule for construction to begin, but it is anticipated to start within the next five years.  The design will likely be complete by early next year, making it “shovel ready.”  That designation makes it eligible for potential grant funding opportunities.

Q:  How will this portion of Coit differ from the portion south of First Street?

A:  The road construction north of First Street will mirror that of the road south of First Street.  Our intention is to make all of Coit Road reflect the same high quality from one end to the other.

Q:  Will my property values take a hit from the construction?

A:  Not likely.  While there are many factors that go into property valuation, the reconstructed road can increase the desirability of homes in adjacent subdivisions because of increased accessibility.  There are never any guarantees of value changes with any kind of infrastructure construction or development.

Coit Road Improvements