Contractors seeking work must register with Town

April 25, 2017


Homeowners needing repairs to their residences should make contacting the Town’s Building Inspections department their first step in the process, according to Hulon Webb, Executive Director of Development and Community Services.

Volatile weather like the Town recently experienced means that wind, rain and hail can cause significant damage to homes and businesses in the area.

“Making use of the Town’s staff as a resource during these times is a smart move, because we can help insure that your chosen contractor is registered with the Town, is permitted for the work, and that appropriate inspections are made of the work performed,” he said.

The storms during this season should serve as a reminder to all homeowners that general contractors doing work on their property must be registered with the Town before work commences.

“That’s really the only way we can make certain that repairs are done with a level of quality craftsmanship and strict adherence to code,” said Webb.

General contractors wishing to do work in Prosper are required to submit the following information to the Town:  a completed contractor registration application supplied by the Town; a valid driver’s license of the contractor or a responsible officer of the company that employs the contractor; proof that the contractor or the contractor’s employer maintains liability insurance in the minimum amount of $100,000 or a bond of equal value; and any other information deemed necessary by the Town’s Building Official.

“In addition to the registering and bonding of the contractor, most major repairs require that the homeowner or contractor obtain a permit,” he added.

Minor repairs such as repairing a broken window do not require a permit, but replacing the entire window would require one.  Building Inspections is located at 409 E. First Street, just south of the downtown area, and can be contacted by phone at 972-346-3502.

“We are always happy to assist homeowners as they navigate through the permitting process,” he concluded.

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