Council asks for more cooperation on Frontier Parkway reconstruction

May 17, 2021

In a strongly-worded resolution, the Prosper Town Council has expressed serious concerns with the proposed design for the widening of Frontier Parkway along the eastern half of its northern boundary. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has been planning and designing the project for several years and throughout that process, Prosper has provided detailed comments regarding concerns with the proposed design. To date, none of the concerns have been directly addressed by TxDOT.

The resolution, passed unanimously, expressly directs Town staff to discontinue coordination with TxDOT and its consultants on the design, and further requests that the state cease all negotiations on the rights-of-way (ROW) configured in the current design until after it agrees to consider and review the Town’s objections to the design.

Prosper is bordered on the north by FM Road 1461 or Frontier Parkway, and the redesign in question extends along Frontier Parkway from SH 289 or Preston Road to FM 2478 or Custer Road. The boundary between the Town of Prosper and the City of Celina is the centerline of Frontier Parkway.

At issue is the unequal percentage of ROW taken on the southern side of the current design. The road, currently a two-lane blacktop, is being expanded to a four-lane concrete thoroughfare with a median, capable of expansion to six lanes in the future.

The Town’s resolution outlines the disparity of land being taken up as ROW along most of the southern edge of the road, and further objects to the construction of a new bridge over Wilson Creek south of the current two-lane bridge. Generally, bridges, which are already cast in concrete, are widened in both directions when roads are reconstructed. However, in the TxDOT design, a new two-lane bridge servicing the eastbound lanes is planned for construction south of the existing bridge, effectively shifting the road’s centerline in a southward direction.

In fact, in spite of at least five high-level meetings dating back to late 2017, the most current design shows a shifting of the road’s centerline approximately 15 feet southward, an unacceptable encroachment into privately-owned property, existing berms, mature tree lines, stone retainer walls, home landscaping, and fencing.

The resolution (RESOLUTION 2021-23) is being transmitted to the office of TxDOT in the expectation that a more thorough review of the design will include the considerations expressed by Town staff and engineers.

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