Council expresses support for expanded US 380

May 5, 2017

By unanimous vote at a recent Town Council meeting in which all Council members were present, the Town of Prosper has expressed strong support for the eventual conversion of US 380 into a limited access roadway.

The Council issued a resolution to that effect, citing the need to plan effectively for the expected increase in the general area’s population and the accompanying rise in traffic.  A limited access roadway (LAR) is often referred to as a freeway with main lanes, frontage roads, entrance and exit ramps, and grade-separated interchanges.  Separately, the Council also emphasized their support of a US 380 bypass that terminates east of the intersection with Custer Road.

“It’s clear to anyone who looks at the trends and models that have been developed,” says Harlan Jefferson, Prosper Town Manager.  “In its present form, US 380 will not meet the needs of the area.  Converting it to a limited access roadway seems to be the only way that it can accommodate the demands that will be placed on it.”

Recognizing the critically important necessity of efficient movement of traffic, the Collin County Commissioners Court passed a resolution prioritizing US 380 for conversion to a limited access roadway.  Over half of the Town of Prosper is in Collin County.

Evidence of this need is apparent when considering that, in the very near future, the entire segment of US 380 within the Prosper limits will be converted from four lanes to six lanes.

“Unfortunately, that expansion is already seen as inadequate for the long term,” said Jefferson.  “The increases in population will outpace the ability of US 380 to handle the traffic.  A limited access roadway is really the only viable alternative.”

The Texas Department of Transportation recognizes this need as it is constructing LAR-type interchanges at the intersections of US 380 and Preston Road and the Dallas North Tollway.  This will make it easier for the remaining portions of US 380 to connect to these interchanges as a limited access roadway in the future.

At the same time, planning on the Denton County side of Prosper has included discussions of LAR-type interchanges at US 380 and Legacy Drive, Teel Parkway and FM 423.

The Town Council resolution of support concludes with the following statement: “The Town Council of the Town of Prosper, Texas, hereby expresses its support of U.S. Highway 380 as a future Limited Access Roadway within the corporate limits of the Town of Prosper (from FM 1385 to Custer Road).”

US 380 has been designated as a principal economic development corridor for Prosper and both McKinney and Frisco, which occupy the south side of the roadway.

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