Council passes resolution in support of Hwy 380 plan

May 22, 2019

By unanimous vote, the Prosper Town Council has passed a resolution in full support of the plan for US Hwy 380 expansion presented by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) on May 6 that conforms to the Town’s long-standing thoroughfare plan.

The May 6 iteration is the latest in a series of plans that have been proposed by TxDOT officials for the area’s major east-west thoroughfare.  With the exception of the May 6 version, the proposed plans were not in keeping with the Town’s plan.  The latest version, which is apparently the definitive configuration, conforms to the Prosper Thoroughfare Plan that includes Hwy 380 as remaining within its current alignment.

A Hwy 380 bypass around McKinney has been part of the proposed plans, and while earlier versions of the highway’s footprint included a portion of the bypass within Prosper Town limits, the May 6 version does not.

The Town Council has previously passed three other resolutions that unequivocally stated the Town’s vehement opposition to the bypass incursion into Prosper, each of these previous resolutions urging TxDOT to ensure that Hwy 380 stayed inside its current boundaries through Prosper.  The May 6 version of the Hwy 380 footprint reflects those parameters.

Prosper residents had joined the Council in the “no-bypass” effort, making their preference known to TxDOT and Collin County officials by email, phone calls, in-person conversations, and appearances at Collin County Commissioners Court meetings.

The May 14 Town Council resolution expresses thanks to “TxDOT and its representatives for all the hard work that went into the US. Highway 380 feasibility.”  Prosper’s position was also supported by Collin County Commissioner Susan Fletcher as well as State Sen. Pat Fallon, and the Council cited each with expressions of gratitude at the Council meeting.

The resolution concludes with a statement of “strong support for the TxDOT recommended alignment presented by TxDOT at the May 6, 2019, public meeting for U.S. Highway 380 within the corporate limits of the Town of Prosper, thereby acknowledging that the future expansion of U.S. Highway 380 will remain in its current alignment within the corporate limits of the Town, consistent with the Town’s Thoroughfare Plan.”

While the alignment is a critical part of the overall expansion plan, Collin County engineers acknowledge that construction of the so-called limited access roadway is at least two decades away from completion.

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