Fire Marshal reminds residents of fireworks ordinance

December 24, 2018

The possession, sale and discharge of fireworks in Prosper is against the law, and punishment can result in fines ranging up to $2,000 for each offense.

That’s the reminder issued annually by Prosper Fire Marshal Bryan Ausenbaugh as New Year’s Eve approaches.

“We at Prosper Fire Rescue want to make sure residents are mindful of Ordinance #00-13, which prohibits possessing and using fireworks,” he said.  “Our goal, of course, is to ensure that everyone has a safe start to the new year.”

The ordinance which the Fire Marshal references prohibits the discharge of fireworks anywhere within the Town of Prosper and the ETJ (extra territorial jurisdiction) without first obtaining a permit and providing proof of a surety bond.  All requests for permits must be submitted in writing 30 days prior to the proposed fireworks display, making it now impossible to obtain one for this New Year’s Eve.

The prohibition includes any piece of property from Custer Road west to FM 1385 and from US 380 north to Frontier Pkwy, including all public and private property. The ordinance is also applicable to all property within Denton County, Collin County and any property within 5,000 feet of Town limits.  If a person is found in violation of this ordinance, they may be issued a citation and if proven guilty, could face fines for each offense.

“Impact poppers that make a sound when thrown on the ground are permissible, but sparklers and so-called Chinese Lanterns are not.  The rule of thumb is if you need a flame or other heat source to light a fuse or to ignite a device, no matter how small, it is illegal,” he said.

The ordinance, and its strict adherence by both the Fire Marshal’s office and the Police Department, are in the interest of the safety of residents, and the preservation of property.

“We hope everyone understands that these restrictions are in the best interests of public safety,” he added.  “Our wish is for everyone to have a safe and happy New Year.”

Questions on the ordinance can be directed to the Fire Marshal by calling 972-346-9469.

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