Fire safety clown troop ready to spread the message

October 6, 2016

Prosper Fire Department’s newly-formed fire safety clown troop has begun spreading the message that every member of the family has a role in fire prevention, even the youngest members.

“We’ve modeled our clown troop in the same fashion as countless other fire departments,” says Firefighter/Paramedic Marty Nevil, the department’s public information officer.  “Fire safety is the underlying message, told through the words and actions of our clowns.  Kids enjoy our shows and learn important facts about preventing fires.”

Several safety shows have already been presented to area youngsters and the response has been extremely positive.

“The fire safety clown troop is already taking the message of fire prevention to schools and day care centers, which is very timely, since this is Fire Prevention Month,” she said.  “Unfortunately, there has been some negative publicity surrounding clowns lately, and that has some administrators understandably worried.”

The caution expressed by school officials has included a cancellation of a few of the scheduled fire prevention skits.

Fire Chief Ronnie Tucker, who authorized and supports the Fire Department clown troop, says while the hesitation on the part of schools may be warranted, the fire safety clown troop is an outreach effort that school administrators can use in a positive way.

“The message of fire prevention is undeniably important,” he said.  “Using this means to get the attention of our youngest citizens has been something fire safety professionals have done for a long time, and can actually reinforce these positive aspects.  Our intentions are positive in every respect.”

The fire safety clown troop travels in official Prosper Fire Department vehicles, and members are always accompanied by uniformed firefighters.  In fact, part of the presentation involves the display of a firefighter in full duty gear.  The presence of uniformed firefighters, consistently ranked by children as among the most trusted occupations, enhances the message delivery.

For more information on the Prosper Fire Department fire safety clown troop, schools, day care centers and other child development organizations may contact Nevil at or by calling (214) 544-5814.


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