Fireworks prohibition stressed

June 16, 2016

Every year throughout the country the careless, indiscriminate, and often illegal, use of retail fireworks results in tragic and irreversible consequences for both the user and, sadly, the innocent homeowner.

“Nationwide, the tragedies mount as we get closer to the Independence Day celebrations,” said Prosper Fire Marshal Bryan Ausenbaugh. “While merchants are free to set up retail fireworks sales stands where allowed by law, it is still not legal to have those items in your possession within Prosper.”

Ordinance #00-13 makes it a misdemeanor offense to possess or discharge fireworks inside the Town limits and within the extra-territorial jurisdiction. The only fireworks allowed in Prosper are those set off by professionals with a valid permit, an inspection and proof of a bond.

“If a person or persons are found in violation of this ordinance, they may be issued a citation,” added Ausenbaugh, a certified peace officer in the State of Texas as well as the Town’s fully-qualified Fire Marshal. “They will then be required to appear in Municipal Court, and if found guilty, could face fines of up to $2,000 for each offense.”

A free fireworks display is scheduled for Frontier Park on the evening of Friday, July 1, concluding the third annual Pride in the Sky event. The event, sponsored by various local and area businesses including the Town of Prosper, is presented by Prosper Magazine.

The Prosper Fire Department wants everyone to have a safe and happy Independence Day holiday without retail fireworks. Residents and visitors wishing to review the fireworks ordinance are encouraged to contact the Fire Department at 972-346-9469 or to visit

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