H2O Workshops coming to Prosper

March 15, 2016

The first of three free workshops on irrigation, landscapes and lawn maintenance is scheduled for Saturday, April 2 at the temporary outdoor horticultural laboratory under the Craig Street water tower, says Water Conservation Education Coordinator Tristan Cisco.

“The workshops are designed to help Prosper residents save money on irrigation while they maintain a healthy, attractive lawn and landscaping,” she said. “Prosper Public Works is partnering with several organizations in putting on these workshop at no charge to participants.”

The workshops are called “H20 Workshops” a wordplay that uses the elemental name for water, as well as the fact that the workshops use “H2O” in their titles.

The area underneath the water tower, at the intersection of S. Craig St. and First St., is hosting a control group of shrubs, allowing horticulturalists to study their hardiness and applicability for the local area.

On Saturday, April 2, the workshop “Saving from a Rainy Day, Making a Rain Barrel” will be presented at 9 a.m. Participants will learn how to convert a 55-gallon drum into a rain-capturing device which can then yield rainwater for irrigation. Doing so allows the homeowner to limit the use of purchased water for irrigation.

While the course is free, participants who wish to walk away with a rain barrel of their own will be required to bring either a check or cash in the amount of $50 for materials and supplies.

Immediately following the rain barrel course, the “How 2 Organize Your Landscape” workshop will be presented. The workshop will provide tips and advice on how best to lay out a landscaping scheme using plants, grasses, mulch and borders.

Representatives from Texas A&M AgriLife, Collin County Extension Service, and Collin County Master Gardeners will offer their advice and expertise in the landscaping process. While the workshops are free to attend, registration is highly encouraged to ensure space and the appropriate number of materials and handouts are available. Registration can be accomplished at www.propsertx.gov/water-conservation.

In the near future, the series will include “How 2 Operate your Irrigation System” and “How 2 Outwit Freezing Temperatures.” Dates, times and locations for these workshops will be posted at a later date.

“Now is the time to get the lawn and landscaping in and thriving, before the summer heat sets in,” said Cisco. “Getting this kind of free advice from experts is invaluable, so we encourage people to register early.”

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