Kid safety a priority at Prosper Christmas Festival

November 5, 2018

While the first order of business at the Prosper Christmas Festival, set for Saturday, Dec. 1 at Frontier Park, is holiday fun, the safety of children is most certainly not far behind.

Children are, after all, the focus of the holiday season and there is nothing more important than ensuring their safety and, should they get separated from their parents, their prompt reunification.

While every effort is made to maintain a safe environment, children may wander from their parents, and sometimes their age prevents them from sharing critical information about their families that will help reunite them.

For that reason, officials at the Prosper Christmas Festival have instituted the Kids Safety Tag program and offer the service to families who want to participate.

The Kids Safety Tag is actually a sturdy wristband that can be affixed to a child’s arm which contains the name of the child’s parent or guardian, along with a cell phone number that can be called in the event it becomes necessary.

The wristbands are free and can be cut with scissors once no longer needed.

Parents and guardians can access as many Kids Safety Tags as needed at the rear parking lots of Prosper High School, 301 Eagle Drive.  The wristbands can be completed and placed on children before boarding the shuttle to the festival site.

Wristbands will also be available at the Town of Prosper booth inside the festival grounds for those who did not ride the shuttle but want to have the peace of mind the tags offer.

Officials also encourage parents and guardians to take a photo of their children with a cell phone on the day of the festival.  The photos may aid in identifying the children by their clothing if they get separated.

The Prosper Christmas Parade steps off at 1:30 p.m. and the festival officially starts at 2 p.m., concluding with a fireworks display at 6 p.m.  Information on the festival, traffic route closures and other information can be obtained by visiting

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