Layered, interactive GIS map now available

August 16, 2018

A number of easy-to-read online maps on a variety of landmarks and topics, from the location of the Town’s hike and bike trails to future plans on land use, are available on

Posted and maintained by the Development Services Department, the maps are based on GIS or geographic information systems software that gives governmental agencies the ability to gather, store, update and share data and information on their land, streets, points of interest and other pertinent geographic information.

“Most notable among the maps is the interactive map.  It is interactive in the sense that users can choose which data points to highlight,” says Pamela Clark, Planning/GIS Specialist.  “For example, a person or company can see where a specific piece of property lies in relation to what the Town’s Future Land Use Plan envisions for the surrounding area.  The maps provide critically essential information for individual property owners, land developers, potential business owners and utility companies.”

Among the information that can be layered onto maps are municipal boundaries, the Future Land Use Plan, hike and bike trails, low water crossings, streets and subdivisions, the current thoroughfare plan, planning and zoning designations, and other similar information.

“We also have included all of the aerial maps we’ve been able to gather, dramatically showing the changes in street construction, residential and commercial developments, and the accompanying fill-in,” she said.

In addition to layering the interactive maps one over another, the system includes tools for measuring distances, editing portions to view and printing on standard-size paper.

Several important links are also included, such as those maintained by the Collin County and Denton County Central Appraisal Districts, useful for obtaining specific information on properties located within either jurisdiction.

The maps are available to any individual or organization simply by logging on to and clicking on the About Prosper tab on the top of the home page, and selecting “MAPS.”  Answers to questions and assistance in navigating through the maps are available from the Development Services staff by calling (972) 569-1091.

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