Local intersections to undergo major transformations

January 17, 2017

Major road construction over the next five years is set to transform the intersections of Hwy 380 at both the Dallas North Tollway and Preston Road, expanding the intersections, adding several layers of bridges, and mitigating the tangle of traffic and the accompanying danger that exists today.

“What we see today at US 380 will completely disappear,” says Hulon Webb, Executive Director of Development and Community Services.  “Over the next few years, these two major intersections will reflect reconfigurations that will ease traffic congestion, promote driver safety and allow for easier movement of vehicles in virtually every direction.”

As with every major road construction plan, though, a series of projects must move in a sequential order, paving the way for the subsequent projects.  In this case, several of these projects are either already underway or are in the final stages of design.

Most apparent to drivers of the affected area is the widening and reconstruction of US 380 at these two intersections with frontage roads in both directions.  That work began one year ago, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.  This section of the project is funded by TxDoT and is being completed by Mario Sinacola and Sons Construction.  The construction cost for this project is over $52 million, funded through a variety of local and statewide sources.

Next on the to-do list is the completion of the southbound frontage road north of US 380 along the Dallas North Tollway route.  The northbound lanes have been in service for several years, and currently carry both northbound and southbound traffic.   Along with the southbound frontage lanes, traffic signals are planned for Prosper Trail and Frontier Parkway where they cross these frontage roads, similar to the existing traffic signal at First Street and the Tollway.

Before the Dallas North Tollway can proceed with construction over US 380, the southbound frontage road must be completed.  That work is under the auspices of Collin County, which anticipates starting construction later this year with a 2018 completion.

“The North Texas Tollway Authority has approved their Five-Year Capital Plans which include the extension of the Dallas North Tollway main lanes and bridge over US 380,” said Webb.  “If the construction on the other projects is completed as expected, the Tollway extension and US 380 bridge are anticipated to be complete in 2022.”  The anticipated budget for this project is $100 million.

Three tiers are planned for the two overpass intersections along US 380, one at the Dallas North Tollway, and the other at Preston Road.  This configuration will provide an increased level of service for thru traffic traveling along US 380.  Signage and signals will ensure motorists are made aware of the appropriate lanes for their destination.

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