Population increases while crime decreases in Prosper

January 21, 2016

In spite of a surge in population, a substantial upturn in commercial activity, significantly increased residential construction and additional retail foot traffic, crime in Prosper has taken a nosedive, says Police Chief Doug Kowalski.

“The traditional indicators law enforcement agencies recognize as precursors to a rise in crime are here, but the numbers tell a very different story,” he said. “We’re cautiously optimistic about the trends we’ve seen in Part 1 offenses during 2015.”

Combined Part 1 offenses, including major property and violent crimes, dropped over 22 percent during 2015 from the previous year in Prosper. Part 1 property crime, including theft and burglary, fell 29 percent while Part 1 violent crime, including assaults and robbery, stayed virtually unchanged.

The largest rate of change was a 66 percent drop in burglary of a building. With an 11 percent decline in residential burglary, total burglaries were down by 39 percent. Additionally, theft (down seven percent) and theft from a vehicle (down 30 percent) contributed to decline of overall theft of 25 percent.

Total for all Part 1 offenses went down 22.61 percent for 2015. The 2015 decrease eclipses the five percent drop in Part 1 offenses recorded from 2013 to 2014. And perhaps owing to the increase in population, vehicle accidents rose by 38 percent from 2014 to 2015.

At the same time, the Town’s Department of Development Services has released the January 1, 2016 draft population estimate. Based on the number of single family permits issued in 2015 as well as the number of homes actually completed and occupied during the year, the Town estimates Prosper’s population as 17,800, an increase of more than 8,300 residents from the 2010 Census. The final, official population estimate will be released by the North Central Texas Council of Governments in April.

Development Services issued 663 SF permits in 2015 and counted 579 homes as completed and occupied last year. Both are records for Prosper.

“It’s definitely been a team effort,” said the Chief. “Joining the Police Department in this accomplishment are many other contributors, including the tremendous support of our Town Council, individual citizens, neighborhood groups, event sponsors and our colleagues in other Town departments. Perhaps above all, the active engagement of residents in policing our community through their real time reporting of information to our social media or by becoming hands-on by volunteering with our Citizens On Patrol program.”


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