Progress evident in establishing monuments

August 12, 2016

Working hand-in-hand in a genuinely determined and sincere effort to arrive at a mutually beneficial conclusion, the Town Council and community members advocating for the establishment of a permanent history museum and veterans’ memorial are making significant progress.

Months of collaborative efforts between the Town and the Prosper Historical Society to find a suitable museum site have resulted in the Town offering what appears to be an appropriate location. While still looking for complete agreement on the site, the proposed museum site meets all of the stated criteria.

The site is the Town’s original fire station and water works building at 409 East First Street. The building, located within the original Old Town, is currently occupied by employees of the Town’s Development Services and Parks and Recreation Departments.

Even though the building has undergone a number of renovations and remodeling, it still retains virtually the same exterior footprint that has characterized it since its original construction. The interior is climate controlled, has adequate restroom facilities, can be easily configured for a museum space, and has enough adjacent space for adequate parking.

The Town’s original water tower, no longer in use, remains on the premises, adding a nostalgic overlay to the facility. Moreover, the property is adjacent to Ralph Boyer Park, an intimately serene open space suitable for outdoor events and activities. The park’s attractive pergolas form the perfect sunshade for outdoor banquets, informal gatherings, feasts and special events. The late Ralph Boyer, patriarch of a longtime Prosper family, is the park’s namesake, and served as Prosper Mayor for several terms. Conversion of the building would occur following completion of Prosper’s new Town Hall, anticipated to open in late 2017.

Meanwhile, progress has also been made on a possible site for an outdoor veterans’ memorial. After exhausting a list of five potential sites, a few in the downtown area, a proposed site at Frontier Park has been offered by Council and appears to have gained mutual acceptance.

Rapidly achieving recognition as Prosper’s central meeting place, Frontier Park has emerged as the logical place for the memorial. With the able assistance of local Judge Barnett Walker, the proposed location’s many favorable attributes are striking a chord with the memorial’s boosters.

Frontier Park’s plentiful parking, picnic facilities, accessible restrooms, modern pavilion, and high foot traffic make it ideal to locate a community-wide memorial to Prosper’s veteran community. The park’s well-deserved reputation as the optimum location for large-scale festivals lends itself to the possibility of elevating the veterans’ memorial profile during patriotic and seasonal celebrations.

The park’s breezy and peaceful openness would add a solemnity and sacredness to the memorial’s hallowed and consecrated purpose. Walking trails, benches and shade trees would also enhance and complement the thoughtful and somber tone of the memorial.

Conversations will continue as the merits of these proposed sites are discussed and highlighted. All the while, the cooperative nature of the deliberations will ensure that all aspects of the decision are thoroughly reviewed and respectfully considered.


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