Prosper creates own emergency management plan

May 8, 2018

By the end of this month, the Town of Prosper will no longer be part of the Collin County Emergency Management Program, opting instead to be governed by its own customized program.

“The push for developing our own emergency management plan started almost a year ago,” Says Kent Bauer, Emergency Management Coordinator.  “We recognized the need for our own emergency management plan because we have specific needs that require a customized approach.”

The emergency management function is nested in the Fire Department, which traditionally deals with weather events, catastrophes, major accidents, and other emergencies, allowing for a coordinated approach to these contingencies.  Having an emergency management program specific to Prosper also allows the Town to be better prepared for emergencies.

Recently, the Town Council repealed the ordinance that made Prosper part of the Collin County Emergency Management Program, clearing the way for the switchover, to be officially implemented on May 27.

“Prosper’s separation from the county’s plan enhances our emergency management program and establishes Prosper as a primary jurisdiction according to the State of Texas,” said Bauer.  “This opens up grant opportunities that we were previously not eligible to apply for.”

Bauer spent several months researching emergency management plans of like-sized municipalities, and with the help of various Town department personnel, developed the detailed plan as a draft.  It was shared with stakeholders throughout Prosper, earning approval from each area affected.

Once receiving the endorsement of the affected departments, the plan was forwarded to the State for review and approval, which it received.  The action officially makes Prosper a primary jurisdiction.

Part of the process included alerting all surrounding municipalities that Prosper planned on depending on its own plan.  This was necessary to fulfill State requirements.

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