Prosper Parks and Recreation Brings Attention to Urban Forestry with the Annual Champion Tree Contest and Arbor Day Celebration

September 15, 2022

The annual Champion Tree Contest will run from September 15 – October 15 followed by the November 5 Prosper Arbor Day Celebration. Both offer a great opportunity to learn about the Town’s beautiful trees and to venture outdoors together! Trees enhance the quality of life in our community in numerous ways and are important assets of the landscape. The Town of Prosper is dedicated to community urban forestry and the care and management of these precious assets. Parks and Recreation are delighted to host these upcoming initiatives!

“We hope the community will participate in the Town’s Champion Tree Contest and the Prosper Arbor Day Celebration and learn how important trees are to our communities,” said Dan Baker, Director of Parks and Recreation. “Not only are they beautiful, but they filter the air and provide oxygen, they shade us and cool off temperatures during our hot summers, they increase property values and they help combat erosion. These are only a few of the benefits they provide us. Trees are truly an asset to us all,” he added.

Each year, the neighborly Champion Tree Contest encourages Prosper residents to search their properties, Prosper parks and Town property for the largest tree in a particular species and complete an online form to enter the contest. The tree submitted with the largest diameter receives a plaque at its base and the entrant is recognized on social media and in The Landscape, the Parks and Recreation e-newsletter.

The tree to hunt for the 2022 contest is the Chinquapin Oak! The Chinquapin is a medium to large size tree with 4″- 6.5″ glistening dark green leaves in summer which turn to yellow-orange to orangish-brown in fall. The Chinquapin produces 1″ sweet acorns that mature in a single season which are at the top of the food preference list for many wildlife species! The color of the bark is an ashy light gray that breaks into narrow, thin flakes. As this species matures, it becomes a magnificent conversation piece, growing 40′-50′ high with under landscaping condition and 70′-80′ high in the wild.

The Champion Tree Contest runs through October 15. To enter, find the largest Chinquapin Oak you can on your property or Town property, then enter the details on the contest form. Be prepared to upload a photo of the tree, pinpoint its exact location and provide the measurement of the tree’s diameter. Congratulations, Daryl Vereen, for submitting the largest Cottonwood Tree to win the 2021 contest. The 2022 winning Chinkapin Oak entry and participant will be announced at the Prosper Arbor Day Celebration! Participants can enter the Prosper Champion Tree Contest by visiting

The Prosper Arbor Day Celebration is the second community forestry initiative in Town this fall. The celebration will be hosted on November 5, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., at Hackberry Park, 400 Goldenrod Ln, in Prosper. This fun, informal community event is tailored for families! The morning will include a proclamation read by Mayor Bristol, instruction from Prosper Parks Operations staff in tree planting techniques, and tree plantings with assistance from Prosper Scouts.

For additional information about either or both events, please contact the Prosper Parks and Recreation Department at 972-569-1160.

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