Prosper responds to concerns on street safety

May 11, 2017

Responding promptly and decisively, the Town of Prosper has initiated proactive steps to address citizen concerns regarding school zones, speed limits and sidewalk access.

“We are moving forward with actions that directly address the concerns voiced at the Town Council meeting of May 9,” says Town Manager Harlan Jefferson.  “Some of these actions are immediate solutions, and others are the first steps in determining how to proceed.  Both short and long term actions are intended to provide the highest level of safety and security for students, bicyclists and pedestrians.”

Council members expressed their support of these actions, and impressed on the Town Manager and staff that the safety of students and pedestrians is a top priority.

Immediate actions to address concerns for students at Rogers Middle School include:

  • Removing the gate preventing the use of the footbridge on Coit Road north of the Orion apartment complex, eliminating the pedestrian barrier and allowing full access to the concrete sidewalk;
  • Laying a concrete sidewalk that runs parallel to Coit Road and connects the existing curving sidewalks that form a grassy gap in the same area;
  • Adding new crosswalk striping at the entrance to the Orion apartment complex as well as across Coit Road at the entrance to the residential subdivision.

In addition to these immediate steps, Town staff is implementing a number of detailed studies to determine the most effective courses of action that will result in meeting the Council’s mandate for improved safety.  These include:

  • Initiating a speed study for La Cima Blvd.;
  • Evaluating the possibility of lengthening the school zone on Coit Road facing Rogers Middle School; and
  • Evaluating the possibility of extending the school zone schedule on La Cima Blvd.

Also part of the discussion was the speed limit on Preston Road, as some residents asked about the thoroughfare’s speed limit.  In this case, the speed limit of 55 mph is in place as a result of a warrant study conducted by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Their study concluded that the eighty-fifth percentile of motorists on that stretch of Preston Road move at an average rate of 55 mph.  Since Preston Road is a state highway, the state sets the speed limit according to their data.

That action by the state revoked a Town ordinance, passed in September of 2014, setting the speed limit on Preston Road within Prosper to 50 mph.

“We could request another warrant study, but we would likely find that the speed limit would not be lowered, as both Frisco and Celina adhere to a 55 mph limit on Preston Road,” said Jefferson.  “Nevertheless, our patrol officers are vigilant in ensuring that speeding, in any part of Town, is dealt with swiftly and appropriately.”

The safety of every residents, especially children, is a top priority for the Council and staff, and both welcome input from residents on issues related to that topic.

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