Prosper sees drop in crime in two critical categories

January 8, 2015

PROSPER – Already one of the safest communities in North Texas, Prosper’s crime totals in the two critical categories of property crimes and violent crimes dropped five percent in 2014, says Town Manager Harlan

“Crime is an important indicator for any community,” he said. “How cities approach crime prevention and abatement speaks to public safety, quality of life and livability. We are particularly mindful of that, and have made it a priority.”

Property crime in Prosper dropped six percentage points in 2014 compared to 2013. Thefts, the act of stealing an object or objects, dropped three percent and burglaries, defined as the illegal entry of a building to commit a theft, dropped 13 percent.

Correspondingly, the drop in all violent crime was four percent. Assaults, by far the most common form of reported violent crime, fell by eight percent. Notably, over 90 percent of reported assault cases fell into the family violence subcategory, revealing that these acts are very often the result of instability in family relationships. And, while 2014 saw no robberies or murders, two sexual assaults in 2014 doubled the 2013 total.

‘The efforts of the Police Chief and his staff have been bearing fruit,” said Jefferson. “Our residents can feel secure in the knowledge that our police officers are professional, adequately trained and prepared, and are well-equipped
to maintain the peace.”

Several community policing programs, implemented by the Police Department, have made a significant impact on the numbers. These include National Night Out, the Community Safety Initiative, the Safe Driver Recognition program, Cops With a Claus, social media interaction and active participation in year-round school and community events as well as other service initiatives.

“A beneficial result of a consistent and sustained program of people-to-people interaction is a community that understands the role they play in public safety,” he added. “Extending the reach of our police force through neighborhood vigilance supported by an underlying trust of our police officers means that we are winning the battle against crime.”

In addition to hiring Police Chief Doug Kowalski, a recognized leader in the advancement of local law enforcement, a number of other internal actions have bolstered the strength of the department’s efforts. Among them are the appointment of the department’s first detective, the hiring of college-educated, experienced peace officers, continued training through the various state and national law enforcement networks, an audit of departmental practices
through the Texas Police Chiefs Association and the continuous checks and balances prescribed by national standards.

As Prosper grows, the Police Department is expected to keep pace by increasing its numbers and elevating its profile. At the same time, the department’s commitment to ensuring that Prosper remains a place where everyone matters continues to guide it.

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