Prosper to remain in Stage 3 Seasonal until May 31

April 7, 2015

Relaxation of restrictions may occur after June 1

PROSPER – The substantial late winter and early spring rains may mean an easing of watering restrictions during the hottest and driest part of the year, says Prosper’s Water Conservation Education Coordinator Tristan Cisco.

“The North Texas Municipal Water District, the water supplier that services the majority of Prosper residents, is considering the change for summer,” she said. “However, at least until May 31, we are still adhering to twice a month watering.”

The combination of productive rain events, which have elevated the levels at Lake Lavon and Lake Jim Chapman, and the reintroduction of water from Lake Texoma means that the NTMWD will likely be allowing weekly watering from June to October.

“This does not, by any means, authorize anyone to ignore the current restrictions,” said Cisco. “We will be required to abide by the limitations of Stage 3 Seasonal until May 31, at a minimum.”

Lake Lavon and Lake Jim Chapman are two of the principal reservoirs for the water supplier, and both have been well below capacity throughout the years-long drought that continues to afflict the area.

“Even if the restrictions are eased in June, there is still a need for wise use of the resource,” she added.

Officials in Prosper and the NTMWD encourage residents to refrain from wasting water by checking sprinkler heads regularly, replacing broken or malfunctioning ones, and redirecting those that spray water on concrete and other
impermeable surfaces.

“The growth of our Town and the surrounding communities means that more demand for water will be ever present,” she said. “Our new normal is conservation indoors and especially outdoors.” The Environmental Protection
Agency estimates that as much as 50% of the water used outdoors is wasted through inefficient watering methods and systems.

“Of course, if the rains continue to come regularly, watering with irrigation systems can certainly be curtailed,” she said. The Water Conservation Education office will continue to monitor the water supplier’s recommendations for
watering guidelines, and will pass them along through regular and social media.

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