Prosper Trail water tower under construction

April 15, 2016

The second elevated water storage tank that will serve the burgeoning east side of Prosper is under construction on Prosper Trail between Coit and Preston Roads, says Hulon Webb, Executive Director of Development and Community Services.

“Water needs rise as population and commercial activity increase,” he said. “With the rapid growth of both of these on Prosper’s east side, the construction of the elevated water storage tower became a necessity. In fact, planners saw this coming several years ago, and, at that time, put in place the process for the new tower.”

The new tower along with the elevated water tower at First and Craig Streets, are expected to provide all of the water storage capacity needs for residential and business customers situated east of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail lines, when combined with existing ground-level storage.

Scheduled for completion in June of 2017, the contractor broke ground in January of this year. Brown and Gay Engineers completed the engineering work and Landmark Structures is the construction contractor. The Prosper Trail tower will look exactly like the other existing operational tower in Town.

Cost of the tower, including professional services and construction, is slightly more than $4.9 million. It is designed to hold two million gallons of water, and at 165 feet in height, the structure is engineered to safely store the water’s 8,000-ton weight and withstand weather-related stresses.

“These towers provide additional capacity during peak usage times and seasons,” said Webb. “When the Prosper Trail tower is complete, we anticipate that there will be enough storage capacity, combing elevated and ground-level storage, for the east side of Town.”

Plans call for construction of two identical water towers on the west side of Town to serve those anticipated needs. Once constructed, water towers provide an ideal location for cell phone antennas and relay stations, creating an additional source of revenue for the Town.

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