Public Safety Complex designed with maximum flexibility

September 24, 2018

Utilizing a phased approach to growth and expansion, the Town Council has approved plans for the design of the first phase of a Public Safety Complex with Pogue Construction in a standard Construction Manager-At-Risk arrangement.

Phase 1 includes a fully-outfitted facility that meets the needs of the Prosper Police Department, including the Dispatch Communications facility and staff, until 2025 and beyond.  The building was designed as a 17,000 sq. ft. facility for Phase 1, a configuration that was deemed adequate for the 2025 horizon.  However, seeing an opportunity to add square footage that would eventually be needed, but constructed at today’s costs, the Town Council decided to add an additional 6,000 square feet to the Phase 1 configuration.

The Phase 1 augmentation now means that the Dispatch Communication center will not require future expansion, as it will be ready for the Town’s build-out capacity.  In addition, locker rooms and restrooms in the facility are to be hardened spaces for safety, a feature that was originally part of the expansion, but now part of Phase 1.  And, the addition of a Multi-Purpose Room in Phase 1 removes it from the later expansion as well.  The Multi-Purpose Room is designed to serve as a meeting and gathering space for use by residents, official meetings, training and seminars.

Land for the new facility is located on Cook Lane, off Prosper Trail near the North Dallas Parkway.

“Flexibility to accommodate growth and expansion has always been in the plan,” says Police Chief Doug Kowalski.  “For example, the internal operations of Phase 1 allow for expansion in the future to meet the anticipated needs of the department.  We have always had the long vision in mind when designing the facility.”

While the design is still being finalized, the current site plan includes the appropriate amount of square footage for a facility to serve the community’s law enforcement needs from now until 2025.  At the same time, the overall footprint can easily accommodate any future expansion that will meet the Police Department’s anticipated needs through the Town’s eventual build-out requirements.

“The enhanced Phase 1 meets what the Town needs until 2025, and actually incorporates some of what was destined for Phase 2, negating the need for some Phase 2 construction,” added Kowalski.  “The remaining expansion in Phase 2 would serve the Town very adequately until 2030 and beyond.  We’ve taken population and commercial projections and have factored those into our deliberations on the structure’s size and capacity.”

Carefully-designed planning for future growth has even taken the need for more parking and greater demands on utility infrastructure into consideration.

“Expansion to meet the Town’s needs is woven into every aspect of the building’s design, and we’re very confident that the Police Department will have the space it needs as it matches the Town’s growth,” he said.  Construction is anticipated to start in the summer of 2019.

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