Right of Way project info now online

March 8, 2019

One of the unavoidable aspects of living in a growing community like Prosper is the high probability that utility construction is likely happening within or near populated neighborhoods.

Utility construction is the broad category that includes phone, cable, gas, electric, and similar service distribution lines, wires and pipes that are placed within the Town’s right-of-way corridors. These lines, wires, and pipes do not usually require large excavations and do not normally disrupt traffic. And, while many utility lines are in place prior to the construction of homes, some utility contractors will install their service lines after all of the homes in a subdivision are complete.

“Utility construction contractors and their equipment are visible in virtually every part of Town,” says Frank Jaromin, Public Works Director. “We require contractors to make good-faith efforts to provide information to residents who live along their work sites by leaving door hangers with basic information. Unfortunately, these hangers may get removed or lost, and residents can be left in the dark.”

In response, the Town has added a link on its website that gives residents and interested parties a connection to a database called TRAKiT that provides information on all right-of-way projects that have been approved for work by the Town.

The link can be accessed at www.prospertx.gov/rowps and includes detailed instructions on how to use the tool. Once engaged on the database site, residents can enter a specific ROW number and obtain information on that precise project.
Among the information available via the database are the completed application for the construction permit, which includes the name of the contracting firm, a surveyor’s map of the work being completed, the schedule of work anticipated, and other useful information. The information can assist homeowners identify construction contractors’ contact information in the event a claim for damage to lawns, irrigation systems or other property is required.

“Identification markers, which appear as ROWXX-XXXX, appear on the door hangers that are left on homes in the area adjacent to the work being accomplished,” said Jaromin. “If the door hanger is no longer available, we can assist by supplying the ROW number using the home’s address.”

Requests for assistance can be sent via email to ROWPermits@prospertx.gov or by calling 972-347-9969.

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