Stage 1 watering in effect until Oct. 31

May 10, 2017

While the most inhospitably hot days are still weeks away, Prosper residents and businesses are under Stage 1 water restrictions on automatic sprinkler systems, the least limiting of the three stages.

Stage 1 allows Prosper water customers to use their automatic sprinkler systems twice a week, in accordance with a set watering schedule.

“Even though watering with automatic sprinklers is in Stage 1, we still have ‘days of week’ requirements,” says Water Education Coordinator Tristan Cisco.  “The days of the week during which automatic sprinkler irrigation is allowed depend on the location of the home or business.”

For purposes of allowable irrigation days, Prosper is divided into three zones.  Each of the three is bordered on the east and west by the Town limits, and on the north and south by major roadways.

Zone 1 is bordered on the south by US 380 and on the north by First Street and Fishtrap Road.  Residents and businesses in this zone may water on Mondays and Thursdays.

Zone 2 is bordered on the south by First Street and Fishtrap Road and on the north by Prosper Trail and Prosper Road.  Residents and businesses in this zone may water on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Zone 3 is bordered on the south by Prosper Trail and Prosper Road on the north by the Town limits.  Residents and businesses in this zone may water on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

“Stage 1 went into effect on April 1 and, unless otherwise stated, remains in effect until October 31,” said Cisco.  “Stage 1, however, does not automatically mean that everyone should begin twice-a-week watering regardless of the need. What it means is that, when necessary to maintain a healthy lawn, watering with automatic sprinklers may be utilized up to twice a week.”

Most lawns and landscaping do not necessarily require constant watering.  To promote deep root growth, lawns and landscaping need only be watered to a depth of about an inch a week.  Depending on the size of the lawn, that can usually be accomplished with one soaking a week.

“To determine the amount of watering required to obtain one inch of soaking, people can place a container in their yard,” said Cisco.  “After one watering session, they can measure the water in the container.  Then, depending on how much water is in the container, they will know how to adjust their watering schedule.”

Another very reliable method of determining when and how much to water can be obtained by visiting and entering some basic information.  The free Water My Yard program provides users with information useful in determining watering requirements.

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