Town seeks info on internet service

February 15, 2019

In response to residents’ inquiries regarding the Town’s efforts to encourage internet service providers to improve and expand services within the community, Prosper officials are asking households and businesses to complete a survey on the topic.

“We’ve partnered with Connected Nation, a leading technology organization committed to bringing high-speed internet and broadband-enabled resources to communities,” says Chuck Springer, Executive Director of Administrative Services.  “Together, we’re using the survey to tell us where we are, as a both residential and business communities, related to access to high-speed internet service, as well as where we want to be.  The results of the survey will be very important as we develop any plans moving forward.”

Called the Connected Community program, the survey is the first portion of the effort, setting the baseline for internet use at the household and small business levels.  From there, a strategy will be developed to address the findings.  That strategy will include a Broadband Technology Action Plan that will provide a roadmap to the community’s desired end-state.

Homes and businesses will be asked to go online to and take the survey.  Hard copies of the survey will be available at Town Hall and the Community Library.  The residential survey contains 46 questions, and the business survey contains 30, each survey specifically designed to elicit uniquely particular information from each category.

Residents and businesses who take the survey may sign up for results and updates by adding a valid email address when completing it.

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