Town signs memorandum providing site for veterans memorial

November 9, 2016

Fully mindful of the significance of signing an agreement that provides a home for a memorial honoring veterans so close to the annual celebration of Veterans Day, the Town of Prosper has paved the way for the memorial to begin taking shape.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed by the Town of Prosper that provides a permanent spot for the proposed veterans memorial at Frontier Park, the Town’s largest and most-visited recreational facility.

The terms of the MOU spell out the exact location of the memorial, conceived by the Prosper Historical Society to honor those veterans, living and passed away, who have had some type of connection to Prosper.

The location on the park property is known as the “circle” just west of the baseball fields and south of the pond.  It is so-called because of the shape of the sidewalk in that specific area.  While the land upon which the memorial is planned will always remain the property of the Town, the MOU calls for the Society to construct the memorial and be responsible for its day-to-day operation.

Any utilities associated with the memorial will be the responsibility of the Town, along with maintenance of the site and surrounding area.

While the Historical Society has commissioned a design of the memorial, funding for the construction remains incomplete.  The MOU includes a clause placing a five-year time limit on the completion of the memorial’s construction.

“The signing of this MOU during the week of Veterans Day is highly significant,” says Town Manager Harlan Jefferson.  “We are extremely proud of the men and women who serve in the military, through peacetime and wartime, and joining hands with the Prosper Historical Society to create this lasting memorial to their service is highly appropriate.”

Special events at the memorial will be coordinated between the Town and the Society, adding to the cooperative nature of the agreement.

As customary, during the Town Council meeting following the signing of the MOU, Mayor Ray Smith entered a proclamation into the record, on behalf of the Town Council and the residents of Prosper, honoring all veterans in commemoration of Veterans Day.

In attendance were local veterans, Judge Barnett Walker, County Judge Keith Self, County Commissioner Susan Fletcher, State Rep. Scott Sanford and members of the Prosper Historical Society.  Rep. Sanford presented the Town with a commemorative US Flag and certificate to honor the occasion.

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